Easy Ways To Boost Your Health And Wellness

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Easy Ways To Boost Your Health and Wellness – Are you looking for ways to be healthier? Here are easy ways to focus on your health and wellness. You can start your health journey at any time! Right now is the perfect time to get started or reset your health goals.

It doesn’t have to be a new Year to focus on your health. But, it’s a good time to reset your goals, especially after the holidays. What areas of your health and wellness are you focusing on this year? For me, it’s adding stretching, more hiking, practicing manifesting, and using vision boards.

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Focus On Your Health

Easy Ways To Boost Your Health and Wellness! How to set your goals and keep them, tips, and ideas to boost your health and mental health... DearCreatives.com

Below I have tips for setting goals. You don’t want to over-commit, get discouraged and stop. Healthy living takes daily practice and new routines need to become habits. It takes an average of 66 days for something to become a habit.

Begin With Stretching and/or Yoga

Woman getting healthy and doing stretches and yoga in Pink Tank Top and Black Leggings Bending Her Body

This is an easy way to get your body moving and keep flexibility. And you don’t need many things to be comfortable doing this.

Yoga pants, a sports bra, or (comfortable clothing you can stretch in) a yoga mat are all you need to get started!

As you move on your yoga journey you may want to get yoga blocks (get 2). For stretching and strength, you can add exercise bands (resistance bands).

Continue those healthy practices by creating an easy routine that fits into your schedule.

Walking and Hiking

Woman Walking on Pathway Under The Sun

Not only is walking and hiking good for you, getting outdoors is excellent for your mental health. Getting fresh air, and being in nature is the best way to feel rejuvenated.

Even a short walk outdoors in your neighborhood is good for you. Or find a nearby pathway, park, or hike… get outside.

I like using the All Trails app. We have found awesome hikes and walks based on our level via the app. Here is where I shared our hike to Montana de Oro, California. It’s a day trip for us. If you visit the SLO area it is a must-see and do.

Drink Plenty of Water

From above of female with short hair in eyeglasses and shirt with stripes drinking water while sitting at white table

This is an easy habit to do year-round. Get a water bottle fill it up and drink from it all day long. Six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. You may need more if it’s hot, dry, or are exercising.

Supplement Your Diet With Vitamins And Boost Your Health

supplement a healthy diet with vitamins to boost your immune system. image of Fresh Vegetables on Brown Wooden Table

Even if you eat properly and have a healthy diet adding vitamins to your daily routine is an excellent way to supplement your diet and boost your immune system. This helps keep you in good health.

Use the code Supplement10 and click the button to get 10% off supplements!

Focus On Your Mental Health


I mentioned adding manifesting to help me achieve my goals. If you are interested in this topic I recommend you check out these books (below) by Wayne Dyer, Depok Chopra, and Gabby Bernstein. You can also find @gabbybernstein on Instagram. Aline your thoughts on what you want to receive.


woman writing in a journal

I’ve used journaling for healing (after the loss of my mom). If you are going through a difficult time it is a useful practice. Providing an outlet for thoughts or emotions.

Journaling can reduce stress and anxiety. Journaling can also be used for setting goals, prioritizing goals, and time management.

There are several types of journaling. You can: Write in a journal. Use art and words in journals. And bullet journal. Go here to get started journaling.

Mediate and Use Chakra Sound Bowls

Also if you are really stressed using mediation and sound bowls are a great way to reset your mind. Using mindfulness in meditation is worth trying if you have never used it before. Beginners Guide To Mediation.

Create Smart Goals

Smart goals are easy ways to help you have success with your personal goals and with your New Year’s goals. No matter what they are it is an easy way to help you track, measure and achieve your goals.

Smart Goals are

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-Based

Because the goals are time-based you can revisit and reset them as you achieve the personal goals. You can use a daily wellness planner like this to help you track your progress.

Set Daily Routines

Create a good daily routine for yourself. Taking care of your body and mind. Balance and doing the best you can. If you fail one day it’s ok. Just reset and start again.

  1. Open the blinds in the morning for sunlight in the home.
  2. Start the day with stretching and exercise (Or fit it into your schedule).
  3. Talk to friends or family.
    And don’t forget you can also grab a goal partner to help with accountabilty!
  4. Unplug often and be sure to unplug before bedtime.
  5. Get a good nights sleep.

Do you have trouble sleeping. I do on occasion. Try taking melatonin. It’s been helpful for me. You can buy pills or gummies.

Looking for healthy living tips and helpful tips to jump start the new year?

Do you need anything to help you with your health and wellness journey? Be sure to check out this sale for athleticwear, sneakers, exercise and fitness… And get started!

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