Don’t Let Your Allergies Take The Wheel

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Today we are sharing how to help allergies; cleaning tips and products to help you drive your allergies away! Do you want to get rid of allergy symptoms? I like to keep allergies in check when I can and there are ways to minimize how badly you get allergies.

We have been so excited that spring is here and summer is on the horizon. We love having a more active lifestyle outdoors in the nice weather. We love opening windows, getting outdoors, and taking in the fresh air. Do you?

If you don’t suffer from allergies you might like these healthy living tips; 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

When it comes to allergies 

Opening the door means sometimes I will suffer from seasonal allergy attacks because of something that is blooming. Outdoors I especially suffer from fresh cut grass, dried grasses, certain blooming trees, and weeds. Especially as the weather warms up and the grass and fields dry.

Indoors it’s pet hair and dust that I suffer from. Do you suffer from allergies? 

How to Help Allergies 

Easy steps to minimize allergies and find relief. Tips for keeping your house prepped and ready for allergy season. Don't let allergies drive you. Take the wheel! DearCreatives.com

Super blooms, flowers blooming, wind blowing, someone mowing or pollens blowing. You open the door, step outside, then you get hit by pollen. Shut the front door, shut the windows and hide inside? I think not. I run for something to relieve the allergy symptoms. (more about that in a minute)

I love getting outdoors to take walks, hike and practice my photography. Nobody likes being stuck indoors due to allergies. Right? I love how this new product I tried has helped me stay active. 

Seasonal Allergies

If you suffer from allergies you know exactly what I mean.

Snapshot of Pollen Count for Paso Robles, California taken on cell phone - DearCreatives.com

You probably check the pollen counts (on a weather app) just like you check the weather for the day. We all try different ways and products to try to tame the allergy beast/allergy attacks.

Get your seasonal allergies under control

Do you find yourself sneezing, with itchy red eyes, itchy nose, and having other allergy symptoms? The worst is when you start sneezing or wheezing. We are sharing how you can stop those itchy red eyes, the itchy nose symptoms and reduce your allergy symptoms.

I received an allergy care pack to try out for free from Moms Meet and Similasan to use and share my honest opinions. Compensation may be provided and this page may contain affiliate links at no cost to you. 

How to manage allergies - Tips for allergy relief and reducing allergies in your home. DearCreatives.comDid you know you can get allergy symptoms indoors too? 

Yep, I need to clean daily because we have pets. I can’t even be in my daughter’s room where our cat sleeps unless we have vacuumed. I even have to wash the bedding more often. My biggest cleaning tip to help keep indoor allergies at bay are listed below. 

How to fight allergies?

Ways to fight Allergies - Practical tips for reducing allergies, seasonal allergies and allergies in your home. DearCreatives.com

Ways to fight allergies 

  1. Organize, clutter bust and remove dust from surfaces
  2. If you have carpets get them cleaned (dust mites linger in carpets) We went as far as removing all the carpet and replacing them with hard surface flooring. 
  3. Remove any mold from your home (not only is it ugly looking it’s not good to breathe mold and can be dangerous)
  4. Keep surface areas wiped down, it helps minimize mold and dust
  5. Clean under your larger appliances and furniture removing dust and dirt (every 1-3 months)
  6. Before turning on the air conditioning units this year clean your air filters and vent screens
  7. Vacuum floors and rugs removing pet hair and dander
  8. Spring clean blinds, curtains
  9. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
  10. Wash linens
  11. Use an air purifier if needed
  12. Use a product like Similasan Allergy Relief (contains Eyebright flowers and Sabadilla lily) 

I love to hang dry my laundry and just read (reference) that it can actually add to your seasonal allergies. For me, I can be driving in the car and if we drive by a certain weed I can have a wheezing attack, tickle and itchy nose.

What to do for an allergy attack?

How to control seasonal allergies - Cleaning tips, remedies and relief for allergy sufferers. Similasan Allergy Relief - with natural active ingredients that temporarily relieve symptoms of allergies. © 2019 DearCreatives.com

It is just crazy no matter what you do it does happen, the dreaded allergy attack. Pick any of these allergy relief products from Similasan to tackle your seasonal allergies. 

Allergy Relief 

Holding up a bottle of allergy relief medicine. Similasan Allergy Relief. Tips for fighting allergies. DearCreatives.com

What should you take for allergies? 

  1. When you do get an allergy attack you should try Similasan Allergy Eye Relief. (contains Eyebright flowers and Sabadilla lily) This eye relief product has natural active ingredients that temporarily relieve allergy symptoms for your eyes. Stop the itching, burning, redness and watery eyes. Add the drops to your eyes as needed, according to the directions on the bottle.
  2. If needed take something for any nasal irritations or congestion. Try Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief or Similasan Allergy and Sinus Relief. Or use their Nasal Mist

allergy relief medicine and tips for reducing symptoms - DearCreatives.com

What else can you do for allergy attacks? 

  1. Shut out any breezes if you start having an attack or go indoors
  2. When you go indoors and wash up in case any pollens are on you (Pollen can even be in your hair too!) 
  3. Keep your home on the cooler side (under 70 degrees) 
  4. If you suffer severely always consult your doctor immediately 

Do your kids suffer from allergies too? Unfortunately, a few of my grandkids have allergies too. I’m glad to know they also have products safe for kids, Similasan Allergy Eye Relief for kids

Our final thoughts; 

What I love about these allergy products is that don’t contain any harsh chemicals, antihistamines, or vasoconstrictors. They are sealed well, easy to open and easy to use. Hello, allergy relief! 

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  • Similasan is a trusted brand with many products. 
  • Non – GMO Project Verified.
  • The eye relief typically retails for $6.98 at Walmart Pricing varies by retailers. For full list of retailers or to find out more go to simiasanusa.com

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