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10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy And Happy

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Today we are sharing how to keep your kids healthy and happy. Now more than ever we need to focus on our kid’s health and happiness! Right? Good health is so important for kids and families all the time but, especially right now. Plus, if you have kids, it never fails when one kid gets sick, it’s just passed around the family. 

Healthy Kids 

10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy - Kids health tips plus a reader discount on kids vitamins! - DearCreatives.com

Right now it’s tricky balancing it all, making sure the kids stay healthy, and maintaining a “normal” lifestyle. Looking for something else? See our other posts for healthy living

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We think the easy healthy living tips along with Little DaVinci® natural vitamins and supplements for kids, plus a discount we are sharing will help you. 

Grab these mom tips on this list below for 10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy! Plus, find out how giving kids vitamins (Little DaVinci®) can help to boost kids’ health.

10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy! DearCreatives.comHow do you keep your kids healthy?

Kids Health Tips

10 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy! 

Empower your kids from the inside out!

  1. Make sure they eat right and get healthy nutrition
  2. Add vitamins and supplements to their diet 
  3. Use regular bedtime routines for plenty of rest 
  4. Talk to their pediatrician (and address problems with their pediatrician)
  5. Proper exercise (and sunshine) 
  6. Reading to them (and if they are old enough have them read to you)
  7. Teach them (teach by example, homeschooling and supplementing their education from school)
  8. Let them learn beside you by gardening, working outdoors, cooking or baking in the kitchen, or doing kid’s crafts together…
  9. Creativity expands the mind – have them listen to music, do arts and crafts, playing games… (Craft Ideas)
  10. Playtime is vital to growth and development (free play) 

Also, let them make choices and express emotions. All these things, plus a whole lot of love are important to their development, health, and happiness. No one ever said raising healthy, happy kids was easy. Trust me, I know my 5th is about to leave the nest next fall and head to college. And I am watching and helping my daughters and their families with their kids ages 6 months-12 years old.

You got this mama! But, by adding an extra boost of healthy vitamins to their diets maybe you can rest assured a little easier that you are doing all you can for your kid’s health too. We have a discount for you later in the post too, in case you are ready to up your kids’ wellness game! 

What types of vitamins do you give your kids? 

We received Little Davinci® is a brand of kid’s vitamins and supplements to try out. These supplements are developed by the trusted brand (DaVinci® Laboratories has been a leader for 45+years) and made with non-GMO ingredients, no added sugars, no added dairy, no fillers or binders, and that are gluten-free. This is a huge plus in my book. Have you heard of this brand of supplements before? 

Health Tips For Kids - Little Davinci® vitamins and supplements review. Tips for keeping kids healthy and happy. © DearCreatives.com

The kid’s vitamins and supplements we tried from Little DaVinci® mighty vite, immuni-z, and calm. 

Mighty Vite

Children’s Multivitamin

  • Little DaVinci® mighty vite can be consumed in several different ways with its ready-to-eat powder. Which makes this children’s multivitamin unlike any other that addresses immune support, digestion support, and inflammation support.
  • It’s also sugar-free and a great alternative to gummy vitamins. 
  • Add the scooped mix into the water for a drink (fruit punch flavor) or add it to their favorite drinks.


Promotes a healthy immune system function. 

  • A tasty lemon zinc lozenge.
  • Good for the child who will chew tablets.
  • This is good for sleep and overall health.


Stop those racing thoughts that keep kids from a good night’s sleep.

  • Calm settles the brain, relaxes the body, and leads to a good night’s sleep for the little one. 
  • Fruit punch flavor.
  • Spray Form application.
  • Brain and stress support. 

Healthy Living Tips For Kids and families - How to keep your kids healthy © DearCreatives.com

What types of vitamins and supplements should you give your kids? 

To learn more about their products and what types of supplements to give to kids check out their online learning center

Little DaVinci® kid-focused supplements, of high quality. They are really a great brand and when you visit their online shop you will find supplements for every age and a variety of products for all types of needs to keep you or your kid’s body and mind healthy.

I really encourage you to take a peek at their offerings! 

Children's vitamins and supplements to help keep kids healthy. - Little DaVinci® review© DearCreatives.com

Are you ready to purchase kid’s vitamins or family supplements? 

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