Recipes With Tortilla Wraps -16+ Easy Lunch Ideas

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Looking for easy lunch ideas? Try any of these recipes with tortilla wraps; wrap sandwiches, roll-up sandwiches, and pinwheel sandwiches for lunches. They are perfect for back-to-school, school lunches, lunches at home, work lunches, and work from home lunches. 

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Recipes With Tortilla Wraps 

Easy Lunch Ideas - Recipes With Tortilla Wraps - Try any of these recipes using tortillas for wrap sandwiches, rollup sandwiches and pinwheel sandwiches!

School, work, or even weekend lunches you will enjoy making any of these easy lunch ideas! We love them because they are a mix of quick to make and easy to make recipes using tortillas instead of bread to make sandwiches. 

Wrap Sandwiches

  1. Southwest BLT Lettuce Wraps – These wraps are gluten-free and dairy-free. Healthy and made in under one hour. But, you can use these recipes hacks to shorten the time. Use canned or frozen corn and sauté it in a pan on the stove. Use precooked bacon strips or crumbles.
  2. Vegetarian Wraps – This recipe is made with avocado and halloumi. Start to finish 20 minutes. Or make a bunch of the wraps the night before, then wrap them in foil and put them into the fridge. 
  3. Caesar Chicken Wraps – Total time 20 minutes. Just use store-bought rotisserie chicken or pre-cooked chicken, along with a few other items…
  4. Italian Chicken Wrap Sandwich – Healthy and packed with Mediterranean flavors. Make these wraps up to a few days in advance. 
  5. Turkey Wrap Sandwich – Easy to make. This quick wrap recipe is made with turkey, cream cheese…

Rollup Sandwiches 

  1. Easy Pizza Rollups – With a tube of pizza crust (from the refrigerated section of the grocery store) and this recipe that takes 30 minutes. You will have a hot meal to serve for lunch (or an after-school snack). Pizza lovers will love this! 
  2. – We have made these over and over again. We cut the batch size down to half or less to make them for lunch. They are quick to make and can be made in advance. You can use these for appetizers too!
  3. Cheeseburger Rollups – With very little effort (made freshly or with left-over ground beef) these rollups will be a hit. Nacho your ordinary roll-ups! 

Pinwheel Sandwiches 

  1. Pinwheel Lunchbox Wraps – Quick and easy to make with ham or turkey…
  2. 5 Pinwheel Sandwiches For Lunchboxes – For big and little kids you will love the variety of these pinwheel sandwich ideas. 
  3. Taco Pinwheels – These are on our list to try right now! Under 25 minutes to make and look so good! 
  4. Hummus Turkey Pinwheel Sandwiches – Healthy, delicious 10 minutes to assemble, chill, and serve! 

Have you ever tried using beeswax wraps to wrap your sandwiches or wrap sandwiches? 

  • This is an eco-friendly product to use instead of saran wrap. If you rather purchase a single reuseable bee’s wrap to try this one is a best seller! 

We hope this gives you a few more ideas for what to make for lunch! But, if you are looking for more recipes to cook, bake and make see our lists of recipes

Looking for more lunch ideas? 

  1. Your kids and you will love these Chili cheese quesadillas. They are a big hit in our house. Make quesadillas! With a few extra minutes heat up your tortillas with cheese, chili, and sometimes other good stuff. 
  2. Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Perfect for tomatoes from your garden! 
  3. Egg Salad With Cucumbers – Easy and a budget-friendly lunch idea. 
  4. Albacore Tuna Sandwich – If you are ready to elevate your tuna sandwich this recipe is for you! 
  5. Guacamole Veggie Sandwich – Great for veggie lovers and vegetarians! 

Make breakfast for lunch?

  1. 27 Paleo Breakfasts 
  2. Southwest Breakfast Bowl 
  3. Breakfast Cookies – These make great snacks too!

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