Perfectly Imperfect Deliciously Dreamy: Perfect Pound Cake #Recipe

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Occasionally I get to visit some of my all time favorite blogs. I’ve been reading the Pioneer Women since way back. I love trying her one recipes. I don’t have her cookbook but, have grabbed recipes from her on FoodNetwork and her blog. Her life looks pretty dreamy in the heartland of America. Maybe as dreamy as the pound cake that was big, bold and beautiful that I decided to try. This pound cake recipe of Ree’s  is a bit different than mine,  that I usually bake. I make mine in my traditional bread pan and with no sparkly stuff. I’ll share mine soon but, for today we are talking about Ree’s recipe for Perfect Pound Cake.

Slice of Bundt Cake and Coffee on a plate_ Cake on a plate_Theresa Huse 2013

Some of the reasons I wanted to try Pioneer Womans Perfect Pound Cake was:

  • looked amazing when baked & photographed by her
  • included 7up in the recipe which reminds me of visits to my grandparents as a child
  • baked in a bundt cake pan What is it about those pretty bundt pans?
  • I was curious how it would turn out since it didn’t have any rising ingredients

Bundt Cake_ Bundt Cake in a Bundt Pan_Theresa Huse 2013

Plus,  it’s a pound cake pack loaded with sweetness and butter which equals: Yummy Dessert! I found this recipe to be super easy! Sammie and I tagged teamed whipping this one up. She loves baking with me and she always learns something new. This time she learned what measuring flour really is vs how she was doing it. I looked over and the measuring up was like a mountain ready to erupt!

Girl measuring flour_Sammie measuring flour_baking_DearCreatives

Can you hear me saying, “Wait, Wait WAIT a minute!!” “Let me show you how to measure flour, the right way for recipes.” So I pull out a plate, we dump it out & re poured into the measuring cup. I’m surprised she heard me with the headphones on! Imagine what was left over, about a quarter cup plus! lol  Remember not to pack it down I say. As she pats the flour pat, pat… Sammie, “no patting.” Baking with kids is packed full of learning and then they learn to love baking!

Other than my helper hiccup. Smooth as butter. Bake slowly about one hour to one hour fifteen minutes. Cool, Cool, Cool. Uh, the waiting!!! This didn’t want to drop down! But, we desperately wanted to taste it!! Wait, wait…try to help it out by sliding a knife down the sides. Yes, I must admit I just couldn’t wait til it was 100% cooled & a part of the top section stuck to the pan here and there. I knew better, we just were so impatient! We enjoyed our not so perfect, Perfect Pound Cake. So, be for warned do not try to get it out until 100% cooled, especially if sharing at a party or gathering. It’s deliciously dreamy & easy! 

Bundt Cake in a pan_Theresa Huse 2013

Not really much adapting from the original recipe with the exception of not having butter flavoring on hand and omitting it. It still tasted wonderful. It’s a dense, sweet cake similar to the ones my grandma used to make me. This recipe is perfect for making with kids as it’s not complicated. You can find step by step photos on links below. But, be sure to grab the other recipes too before you go! Perfect for any occasion or just because with your favorite coffee or tea.

Mix, Bake, Cool, Cut and Serve!

What recipes have you tried that you loved lately?

Looking for a few more desserts or baking recipes with printable recipes these are a few of my favorites:



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  1. Hi Theresa! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! After stopping here I feel the need to bake myself a bundt cake 🙂 Happy Holidays to you!

    1. Hi Winnie, I think it is a great option as many people do enjoy it. Put it on a festive plate to dress it up. Do you have a favorite pound cake recipe? Thanks for dropping by!

  2. That looks so yummy! I may have to try it! Thanks for sharing, I love your helper, I have learned when baking with my kids, that I need more patience!! Lol!

  3. Theresa, I guess my favorite cake ever may be pound cake, and this one is gorgeous. I love all the help you had! 😉 I enjoy reading Pioneer Woman, too- thanks for letting us know how delicious her pound cake is!

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