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Coffee X-Mas Gifts + Coffee Time!

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Are you looking for coffee x-mas gifts? Or coffee to brew? I really enjoy a good cup of coffee and giving coffee gifts. I think this post will help you find some awesome Christmas gifts and coffee to give or brew. Be sure to read the entire post it’s delicious. It’s coffee time friends!

Coffee X-mas Gifts -Coffee To Brew and Coffee Gifts See why to buy handcrafted roasted coffee that you and they will love drinking! DearCreatives.com

Recently I was gifted a package filled with coffee to try. The timing was perfect with the time change, it being fall, and the holidays right around the corner. Good coffee beans and roasters don’t have to be hard to find. The coffee I received for free to try was from Fire Department Coffee and they included one of their gift items a beautiful ceramic mug. Find out more about them and their foundation later in this post.

There is nothing like a smooth-tasting blend of coffee to have to serve family and friends during the holiday season. I love trying new coffees, ways to brew coffees. Recently I have been making pour-over coffee as my morning ritual. Since it’s just me. But, when we have company over, I use a coffee brewer.

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Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and donuts - Vanilla Sprinkle Donut - Donut Shop Coffee - Whole Bean and ground coffee for making for you, family, friend and guests. Find out more © DearCreatives.com

Are you looking for ways to enjoy time with family? In our family when we get all together we have this fun activity called Sugary Saturdays. We grab donuts for everyone and serve coffee for the adults. It’s a special treat and day we splurge in our home.

It was only fitting I tried Vanilla Sprinkle Donut Shop coffee with the donuts. It was the perfect pairing! Do you enjoy coffee and donuts? Or coffee with your desserts? Or both?

Coffee X-mas Gifts - Handcrafted - Roasted Coffee Beans and ground coffee for brewing and coffee gifts. Find out more at DearCreatives.com
Fire Department Coffees

Later I tried Fire Department Spirit Infused Coffee Salted Caramel Bourbon. This coffee is going to pair so well with your caramel, pecan, chocolate, and pumpkin desserts. It is so smooth! Typically I love my coffee with cream but, this one didn’t even need it!

Coffee X-mas Gifts

Honestly, I think these roasted coffees from Fire Department Coffee will make great Christmas gifts or coffee gifts for your friends and family! Or to brew up for yourself. One for me, one for you. Wink, wink.

The selections of coffees range from light, medium, dark coffee roasts to decaf. They also sell coffee pods. They have a selection of Spirit Infused Coffees and Limited Edition coffees. Plus, hello they have a coffee club! Coffee lovers would love a coffee subscription. (I know I would) And they have merch such as; mugs, tumblers, t-shirts, hoodies…These will make great coffee Christmas gifts!

Find new offerings such as Christmas Blend and their Varity Packs

Coffee X-mas Gifts -Coffee To Brew and Coffee Gifts See why to buy handcrafted roasted coffee that you and they will love drinking! DearCreatives.com
What type of coffee do you enjoy brewing or giving for coffee gifts?

Fire Department Coffee

Again, the coffee I tried was from Fire Department Coffee. They are a business run by former firefighters. And give back 10% to first responders who have been injured or mentally injured. You can find out more about their foundation on their website.

You can find Fire Department’s Coffee on their website and on Amazon! Raise your coffee cups and take a sip of a delicious cup of coffee! Tag me on social media if you have tried their coffees or bought them and tried them! Pop over to Instagram to see my morning ritual. PS. I hate the time change. Fall back/Spring forward. Thank goodness for my morning brew.

I didn’t see their infused coffees on their Amazon page so you will have to head over to their site to see the full line of coffees and gifts. Below are a few of our favorite coffee brewers. Last year, I helped my son-in-law pick out the Breville Barista Espresso machine for my daughter and she loves it! Oh, she was so surprised and delighted! It’s a beautiful espresso maker and makes great lattes and espressos…

I can’t wait to make a gift basket filled with coffees and goodies. Will you be brewing and gifting coffees or coffee makers?

Happy Coffee Brewing!

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Coffee Gifts - Coffees worth brewing - Roasted and ground coffee selections... Find out more at DearCreatives.com

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