Easy DIY Project: Small Cabinet Coffee Tea Cupboard

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You know the other day when I shared the small cabinetcoffee tea cupboard I painted with chalk paint and stenciled. I’ve gotten quite a few requests to share how we built it. What’s great about this DIY project is that it isn’t complicated. We’ll show you how to make this step by step with images and how to. Of course, I wish I had the skills myself but, Mr. helped do this easy DIY project

The reality is I never learned to use a table saw. I wanted to take woodshop in middle school but, didn’t, then my high school which was small didn’t offer it. I come up with ideas and then have my handy “Mr.” create it. Then he passes the projects back to me for painting. In the end, it’s a win/win. If you don’t have anyone to cut the wood, you can ask your local home center or lumber yard to cut them to size. Then follow the directions for building the small cabinet. 

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Easy DIY Project:

Small Cabinet / Coffee Tea Cupboard

Easy DIY Project |How to build a small cabinet - cupboard

We used ours for a coffee – tea cupboard. But, it can be used for any kind of small storage. Think, craft room cabinet, garage cabinet, playroom, kids room along with kitchen… To see our painted visit this post * Home Decor Ideas: Coffee Tea Chalky Finish Cabinet  Now let’s get this project started! 

Easy DIY project | tools | building tools | wood working tools

Easy DIY Project: Small Cabinet / Coffee Tea Cupboard

Supplies for Project 

Gather all your supplies. When you break down the list it seems like a lot but, you probably have quite a few of these tools in your toolbox. You won’t need the magnetic latches (closures), screwdriver, and mounting screws until your ready to finish and mount the cabinet. But, having them all together at once makes things go faster! 

Finished small cabinet before painting it.

Easy Diy Project Wall Cabinet Coffee Tea Cupboard

 Here’s what the small cabinet will look like when it’s finished prior to painting. Click to enlarge the next three images to see them bigger.

Easy DIY Project: Small Cabinet / Coffee Tea Cupboard

How-To Steps For Making A Small Cabinet 

easy diy project | steps for how to build a coffee - tea cupboard

Set up and Wood sizing: 

Gather your tools and set them up where you’ll be working. We used our patio area and milk creates for holding our project. If you have a workbench or table that will work too.

  • Use wood safety tips and safety goggles Note: We are not liable for your use of this tutorial or directions. Use it at your own discretion. This tutorial is not meant for children! 

Head to your table saw and cut your wood to size.

Wood Sizes for a small wood wall cabinet as follows: 

  • Cut the wood sizes to your own specifications our cabinet was made to fit above a coffee cart area I made. Ours is roughly 3′ wide by 2′ tall with a depth of 10″ 

Next, follow these steps for assembling the small wood cabinet: 

  1. glue sides to top ( we used Titebond wood glue)
  2. glue on back
  3. glue on bottom 
  4. glue inside, divide (for support)
  5. Tip: Wipe excess glue off as you go along, additionally you can sand any spots you miss when it’s completely dry
  6. Next, your going to space 4-6″ apart from your finish nails and nail all sides!
  7. Then set the nails with your nail set. After patch the indent areas with wood putty. 

easy diy project | how to build a small cabinet | part two steps to build a coffee - tea cupboard| how to

Easy DIY Project: Small Cabinet / Coffee Tea Cupboard

Final Steps for a small cabinet:

  • Fill the rough areas with wood putty as seen in the image above. We are using a quick-dry product. After dry, you sand it, then when it’s time to paint it’ll be smooth! 
  • Sand all the edges (NOTE: we slightly rounded the corners prior to beginning the project)
  • Fit the hinge to the cabinet door, setting your nail spots. We used a piano hinge. Then remove it for ease of painting. *put on after paint is dry
  • Finish with a paint primer to seal the wood and let dry
  • Then your cabinet is ready to paint! We used a Chalky Finish Paint

When completely dry you will add your piano (continuous) hinge back on. Add your closures which are the magnetic latches. If you want your cabinet door to stop level to the bottom you’ll need to install a restraint chain to the insides and door. We didn’t do this as I’m shorter and it’s easier to reach in without. (see this article: How to keep cabinet doors from swinging open too far). 

See how to paint and stencil a small cabinet. This is how we finished our cabinet and hung it up! 

We’d love to see your projects if you make one. If you have any questions just ask and we’ll try to answer them for you. Be sure to email, comment with a picture on the FB page, or share your project at our weekly linky party! Don’t forget to see this easy DIY project finished with paint and stenciling! Home Decor Ideas: Coffee Tea Chalky Finish Cabinet  

What was the last easy DIY improvement project that you tackled?

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  1. You make it look easy! I have been wanting to try to learn how to build things from wood for a while and this post gives me some inspiration.

    1. Hi Christie, I know what you mean. I only do the simple parts but, I have help with the more technical things and cutting. I wish I could do it all on my own too.

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