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Dear Creatives, I am ready for spring fashions! Are you? I’ve been trying to catch some of the fashions shows, but have gotten behind on Project Runway. I have caught a glimpse of Fashion Star twice & am enjoying it minus the design room drama, which all the shows seem to have. I tried to do some sale shopping online since we only have a Kohls, Target & micro JCPenny stores in our area. With limited shopping you either purchase when traveling or online seasonally. I miss window shopping & going to the mall every once in awhile. We would have to travel over 2-3 hours to get to some really good shopping. I’ve been wanting to update my handbag. I looked at quite a few handbags & spring fashions.

I try to get a good quality one at a fair price to last me at least 2 years. I always end up going with a neutral, but seeing all the colors this year from yellows, greens, teals, turquoise, orange, reds & patterns. I have been swooning.


Spring 2013

I just love these casual outfits match up any of these bags & you have a great outfit. The orange Ralph Lauren handbag  is way out of my price range, but the Breana Double Shoulder Satchel is the perfect price!


I did like Steve Madden taupe handbag but, this is priced right & I love the lighter color. So Sophisticated Studded Tote at a great price too.

I really love the sea green Steve Madden handbag  but, found this Nicole Straw Scoop Double Double Shoulder Bag with Chain Handle I spent all evening looking & ended up with a black bag, yep the neutral won out thinking it would go with all outfits & day to night. {sigh} But, I think I have a bit of buyers remorse since I am loving these colors & choices I found at Shop Lately. Does this ever happen to you being practical vs getting what you really would  like?

Any way, maybe I should of checked out Shop Lately first  for my handbag. I just might have to anyway to see if I can grab a pretty shopper bag since we had the no plastic law go into affect & you have to bring your own. Not to mention I purchased a dress which could use a belt. Have you tried Shop Lately? The Best place to shop for the latest trends on Women’s Accessories.



Shop Lately’s mission to bring the ultimate shopping experience to fashion hungry ladies on the web. By inviting brands and merchants to sell their products and even offer limited time sale events using our big bad unified selling platform, they are building a trusted one stop shop for on trend accessories. And by teaming up with both major and lesser known brands and merchants, avid shoppers like yourself can can find familiar faves while discovering hidden gems.

Each and every day, they bring you the latest and greatest, so don’t miss out. Shop now, shop often …

Have you shopped lately



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