15+ Things To Brighten Your Day!

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When was the last time you had a lovely day? Or just a good day? I’m sharing 15 things to brighten your day. I was going to share another post but decided to put it on hold for another day. Like many of you, you might be feeling a bit blue. Yesterday was hard, today is hard, harder than other days. It’s hard to be in the moment sometimes and maintain a healthy lifestyle that we all are used to when we can’t do our normal routines, be with friends or family, travel…

Have A Lovely Day

15 Things To Brighten Your Day! Everybody can use these easy tips right now. We are all in this together. Let's lift each other up and brighten someone's day! DearCreatives.com

I thought I’d share some healthy living tips plus a few easy ways you can get yourself out of a funk. And find happiness

But, if you are feeling really blue reach out to a friend, family member, doctor or helpline

Hope - DearCreatives.com

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15 Things To Brighten Your Day

          1. If it’s nice, go outdoors (But, keep to your restrictions for self-quarantine or shelter in place. And wear a face mask.) even if it means just going onto your patio, backyard or opening a window. Fresh air and sunshine on your face, sunshine, and fresh air is refreshing. Can’t get outdoors? See this (post) at least you can feel the outdoors from the photos and video. 
          2. Ladies, get reading after a shower or a good face washing! Girl wash your face, grab this and get a morning burst of freshness
          3. Pamper yourself. I don’t know where you are but, if the sun is shining! Do you have hairy legs? Give yourself a close shave and be ready for wearing shorts! Then it’s cocoa butter for the win. 
          4. Take time to give yourself a sugar scrub or a salt scrub. Your skin will love you for it and it will be something easy you can do for yourself. Can’t get one? Make your own they are easy to make! (DIY Beauty Recipes)
          5. Girl, I am not wearing my best makeup daily! Shut the makeup drawer and save that for when things are back to normal! I tried and got hooked on this 8-1 BB tint to use for a daily foundation. It’s what drug store makeup and dreams are made of (Maybelline dream bb PURE). But, first I’m moisturizing with this oil-free facial moisturizer with sunscreen, especially if sitting outdoors or taking a walk.
          6. Take the time to condition your hair. If you can’t get to the hairdresser you can still make your hair healthy by conditioning it. Got roots, touch them up yourself with a root touch up
          7. If you have to stay in FEEL GOOD STAY COMFY, at least get a new pair of cute pj’s or loungewear like this. (or shop here to find your fav)
          8. Need to trim your bangs? See this video and read the post (DIY Bang trim TIPS FROM A PRO). Then grab these hair cutting scissors (with a lifetime warranty) or these hair cutting scissors. (Gah, I can’t wait to get back to the salon. What about you??)
          9. Take the time to give yourself a pedicure or a manicure. I’m sure your nails need it by now. Ya, it’s not the same relaxing experience at the salon but, you can get close. Plus if you have a teen they will love it too. Pamper each other. (
          10. Make your mouth smile, first by doing (this) then by laughing at things like (this) (this)or (this). Yeah, because despite it all laughter is the best medicine. This is my favorite and yes, it’s a cat video
          11. Take your mind off things by organizing your home. Maybe it won’t be fun per se while doing it be you will feel accomplished afterword. Plus it will be one less thing you have to do when late spring, early summer arrives and we can be spending time outdoors! 
          12. TREAT YOURSELF Craft More Happy Moments with this FREECreativity Care Package 3/26-4/16/20! Watch over 1,300 creative education classes ranging from sewing, cooking, family crafts, and more! (I love free online courses! Don’t you?) 
          13. TAKE A FREE ONLINE COURSE OR ONLINE CLASS! Did you know that Creative Live FREE DAILY online Classes for EVERYTHING Free Upcoming Online Courses
          14. Brighten Someone Else’s Day  8 Ways To Brighten Someone’s Day
          15. Listen to music
          16. HAVE HOPE AND FAITH that things will get better!

I hope something on our list made you smile and have a brighter day! And find a few new ways to stay happy and stay home. We are all in this together!

But, mostly we have been stuck indoors. What about you? 


Just be in the moment! 



Change your state of mind through music! 

Look at funny gifs – Lovely Day Gifs (here) Happy Gifs (here)and look and make gifs (here)

Have a Lovely Day! 

Plus, here’s a few more things you can do to distract your mind. 

  1. Pick Something to Binge Watch
  2. Must-Read Booklist For Spring 2020
  3. Stuck indoors? Have a Family Game Night! 
  4. Craft With Kids
  5. Bake Something Tasty! 

Most of all don’t forget humor and laughter can be the best medicne for a bad day!

And (maybe baking) Wink, wink. Well, I’m off to bake cookies with Sammie. As I always tell her, chin up buttercup! xoxo Theresa 

Anyone else been praying for things to get better? Want a cute T-Shirt? 

We are all in this together! -Jane - Women's T-Shirts DearCreatives.com

Has the shelter in place been driving you crazy? If you can’t get outdoors right now like us, between the shelter in place and weather. We hopped into our cars, Sam got the Pokemon Go app on her cell phone and has been playing that then we come home (life with teens while sheltering in place).

We also packed up our art and journaling stuff and went to the beach (which is closed btw) But, we sat in the car doing art and watching and listening to the waves, and music. Then headed home while watching the sunset. How have you been lately? 

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