Good Shows To Binge Watch Right Now

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Are you asking yourself what to watch right now? We are sharing our list of good shows to binge-watch! We have been binge-watching shows like crazy! It’s mostly in the evenings but, sometimes during the weekends or all weekend long, when we just have nowhere to go and nothing planned to do at home. Which is pretty much like everyone else right now. Our lifestyle has literally been put on hold. Hang in there everyone, fall in love with a show, series or movie to take away your blues, let your mind escape and unwind. 

I feel like we’ve been on an overdrive to escape everyday life. Watching more shows than ever. What about you? Since we have binged watched a bunch of new series, series, shows, and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. I’m dishing out our favorites and a little bit about each so you can decide which are the best shows for you to watch. 

Good Shows To Binge Watch

Good Shows To Binge Watch - What to Watch. If you are looking for the best shows to watch right now on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu see this watch list! DearCreatives.com
Good Shows To Binge Watch – What to Watch. If you are looking for the best shows to watch right now on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu see this watch list! DearCreatives.com

What To Watch Right Now 

We love home entertainment, being couch potatoes in the evenings and night. Do you? These series, shows, and movies are in no particular order. We think you will love watching many of these too.

What To Watch On Netflix 

  1. Ozark – If you haven’t watched this series yet it’s a must-watch. Start from season 1 if you are new, or the just-released Season 3 that I binge-watched this already! 
    No spoiler alerts but, let’s just say it’s like dominos building, then tumbling over. Each event causes something else to happen. Until the darkest choices are made. And a twist to get a handle on things, events implode and leave us hanging waiting for the next season of Ozark to come out. (drama/includes violence)
  2. Uncorked – A movie about a young man finding his way in life and career. Following his relationship with his father, and the family business. I didn’t expect the twist of sadness injected into the movie but, life is like this. And this is worth watching. Film style, story, and music. Just grab a tissue, maybe?
  3. Tiger King – I have to admit I’ve only seen the previews and it’s on my watch list but, being an animal lover I might find this disturbing so although it’s trending #1 on Netflix I’m on the fence if I can handle what looks like the misuse of wildlife. Have you seen it yet? (here’s an interesting review)
  4. UnOrthodox – It’s the story of a Hasidic Jewish woman who flees her husband and goes to Berlin. Taken in by musicians, she makes a new life until her past comes calling… I”m not sharing the end. I did watch it, it is only 4 episodes long, there are many lovely things it shares about the religion and then the side of what happens (or might happen) if you don’t fit in. 
  5. Madam C. J. Walker – Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker. I loved this 4 part series of the first American Woman (who happens to be African American) becomes the first millionaire in our country. It’s a story of an underdog, perseverance, and determination to make something she believes in better than the original made by her competitor who wouldn’t hire her. Girls, if you got the gumption to own your own business this heartfelt story (And sometimes funny or sad) based on real-life may give you the hope you need to keep going! trailer
  6. Gentrified – The story of a Mexican family-owned restaurant (taco shop)and how the neighborhood is changing. What are they willing to do to save it? Find out. Preview the original trailer.
  7. Califphat3 – I started to watch this drama that is about who is asked to become a woman spy. An impending ISIS attack in Sweden entangles a group of women…
  8. Better Call Saul – If you liked Breaking Bad this ties into that show. Slightly disturbing, the intriguing edge of your seat drama. Be ready for violence and backstories that lead to, Breaking Bad. Oh, Breaking Bad fans; did you watch the movie El Camino yet? If not, do. If you haven’t watched it be sure to watch Breaking Bad first.
  9. The Chilling Tales of Sabrina – Season 4 was just released where Sabrina and Ambrose undo the Pagans…and it continues the tale of Sabrina Spellman and her magical powers. If you haven’t added it to your list you might enjoy watching it with your older teens or young adults in the home. 
  10. Schitt’s Creek – Final Episode I am waiting for Sammie to watch this with me. But, if you haven’t watched this series it is one that will make you laugh! Outrageous offbeat humor, with a growing story. I can’t wait to see the end. Will I need tissue from crying or crying because I’m laughing so hard??
  11. Virgin River– An unexpected hit for me. A story of a nurse practitioner who moves to a small Northern California town. Easy to watch and worth watching. 
  12. Cheer– If you have had kids or teens in cheer, you will probably love this documentary. About an elite cheer camp and competition that they are striving for. It’s interesting to see the woman who went to business school, yet ended up starting an elite cheer camp winning the most competition with her team… I have just started this series and watched one episode, so far I’m liking it. 
  13. Pets 2 – This is on my watch list I saw The Secret Life of Pets in the theater with Sammie and we loved it. I’ll let you know how we like #2 but, thought I’d toss in a show you can watch with the kids. 
  14. The Circle– A game where the players try to guess who is real and who isn’t, all while getting to know each other, while they can’t actually meet or see each other. It might take you a couple to get into the show but, once you watch it you get hooked to the end and want to see who can win! Let’s just say I made the right choice! Yay!! 
  15. Messiah– An interesting saga/drama. Is this man the Messiah? See how everyone reacts when this man claims to be the Messiah and how the end reveals what some thought! Worth watching. 
  16. Dirty John – Based on the True Crime Podcast of the life of businesswoman Debra Newell. Her life unravels when she falls for a con man, even with her family’s misgivings. Based on a true-life story. Parts keep you on the edge of your seat building to the end for the big shocker. This isn’t new but, if you haven’t seen it and like real-life drama this is one to watch. 
  17. 30 Overlooked Netflix Original Movies 

Netflix New Releases  

What To Watch On Hulu

  1. Little Fires Everywhere– Drama building on various characters in two separate families from very separate worlds and then how their lives start to intertwine. Right now, 4 episodes are out with new ones released weekly. The Cast includes Reece Witherspoon and Kerry Washington… At first, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it but, then I’ve really enjoyed both the 3 and 4 of this miniseries. It definitely is a show that is building up each week with the stories, characters, and storyline that is based on the book, “Little Fires Everywhere” and was on my what to read booklist. 
  2. DCI Banks– British, detective, with some dark stories, crime-drama and a might be a love story between two of the characters intertwined. I loved this series and made it to the end although, I would have to watch something light after viewing it before heading to bed. 

I just got Hulu and disconnected our cable to save money. There are a lot of shows on there to watch. I might expand on the list later. 

What To Watch On Amazon Prime 

  1. Jamestown– A period piece by BBC set back when the ships come to American and the English pioneers were just beginning to settle in America. Amazing stories easily hooks you in and well made. Season 1 is free and options to see more. I want more! 
  2. Jack Ryan– American Political Thriller, Spy Series packed with action, this is one you can watch with the guys. They will love him, you will love him…Based on Tom Clancy’s books. You won’t fall asleep watching this. 
  3. Endevour – A British detective series that is a period piece, a little bit like Sherlock Holmes. The filing is beautiful, the music amazing British BBC made and is well done. Parts are a little slow but, build up to amazing endings as they figure out who done it. “Endeavour” follows the newly forged relationship — both working and personal — between young DC Endeavour Morse and his senior partner, DI Fred Thursday. This is a highly rated British Mystery Series, which I am always up for. Season 7 just came out on PBS

Find these and more shows, series and movies to watch on Amazon Prime. Don’t have Prime yet? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Yes, a few of these aren’t new but, if you haven’t watched them or it’s been awhile they are worth the watch. What to Watch - Good shows to watch - List for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu at DearCreatives.com

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What have you been binge-watching? What are you doing for your home entertainment?

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