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Are you looking for Adult Coloring Pages? Or Teen Coloring Pages? Better Day Books, an independent craft book publisher based in York, PA, has published a timely adult coloring booklet with motifs. The creative designs are pretty, comforting and best of all FREE. 

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When was the last time you colored? You can print the adult coloring pages and use them for yourself or an activity with your teens. There are 5 pages, easy to print, Adult Coloring Pages PDF format. The designs are super cute in black and white, use coloring pencils, pens or crayons. Coloring pages can be relaxing and fun to do. You can even take the coloring pages when you are done and hang them up to brighten your day! 

Free Adult Coloring Pages 

Creative Designs from Better Day Books PDF

Free Adult Coloring Pages - Peg Couch Better Day Books-Coloring Book Book Cover - Quarantine Coloring Patterns Free Coloring Pages Download - PDF printable coloring pages for adults

The patterns, which are available for free on the publisher’s website include the following themes: “Doing My Part to Flatten the Curve,” “Sorry, I am Social Distancing,” “Kindness is Contagious,” “Staying In is the New Going Out,” and “It’s a Good Day to Have a Better Day.”

  • According to Better Day Books publisher, Peg Couch, “There is valid evidence to support the therapeutic benefits of coloring, and we can’t think of a time when people need it more.” Indeed, a report from the Cleveland Clinic says that adult coloring relaxes the brain and “takes attention away from yourself and onto the present moment.”
  • Adult coloring books spiked to an estimated 12 million units sold in 2015, according to Neilsen Bookscan, and declined in the years following. However, according to Couch, “The audience never totally went away. It leveled out for a while, but it’s coming back strongly as people look for stay-at-home activities while social distancing.”
  • According to Google trend data, search interest for adult coloring books has increased by almost 400% during March 2020. Additionally, search interest for “best coloring books” has increased by 180%.

Even with coloring on the rise, Couch is looking beyond trends. “As a publisher of creative inspiration, we are offering these patterns as a way to help people calm and relax when they need it most. We believe that creativity soothes the soul, and doing something as simple as coloring can have dramatic results. It’s not a cure, but can help bring people peace of mind which is something many of us need right now.”

Free Coloring Pages to do while in quarantine

Staying In Is The New Going Out - Coloring Page Better Day Books

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