Sewing: How To Make A Crib Size Duvet Cover

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For everyone of my older kids I have made handmade baby shower gifts. And then I’ve tried to make a special blanket for each baby one since. But, failed. They all started having babies around the same time and it was hard to keep up after their first babies. My daughter had a nice crib blanket left over but, in a boys color. Which wouldn’t match her daughter Riley’s room. She asked me to make a baby crib duvet cover for it. Today I thought I would share my sewing project; how to make a baby crib duvet cover. I made it up for Riley’s first birthday adding a special comforter inside, covering it with the handmade duvet cover.

This might help you if you have baby quilts /blankets you’d like to update with a duvet cover. Or for making handmade baby shower gifts and inserting a new comforter inside. Honestly this tutorial could be used for other sizes too. I have simplified things by not using buttons, no zipper, no elastic or ties. Full directions below to make it easy for you. If you have questions just comment or email me. I’m happy to help.


How to make a baby crib duvet cover

Sewing | Easy DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas For You To Make | How to make a baby crib duvet cover

Please Note: This is not for newborn baby use! Please use pediatric guidelines for when your baby can use a comforter/duvet covered comforter. 12 months and older I believe. If gifting to a new parent please write a note that it’s not intended for new born usage. (for more guidelines and baby safety information research / look up SIDS)

Sewing How to make a duvet cover finished duvet cover

I had my daughter send me cell photos as the comforter insert arrived after I visited. I used iron on Velcro for closing / opening the duvet cover to allow for taking quilt or down comforter out for washing. I didn’t use sheets. I purchased fabric. I only needed to finish the ends where the Velcro would be ironed on underneath for the top of duvet cover.

Easy DIY baby shower gift ideas for you to make |Sewing | How to make a baby crib duvet cover

This makes this baby sewing project very easy. It would make a nice handmade baby shower gift, for anyone. I decided to purchase Riley this down comforter for inside the blanket. I wanted her to have something special from grandma.

Let’s get started!

How to make a crib size duvet cover:

Sewing Supplies you will need:

  • Fabric: Cut two pieces of fabric preferably a cotton or cotton flannel slightly bigger than your down comforter or quilt. To allow for seam allowances by adding a bit extra for each side. I found this article helpful when researching sizing: crib size/ what size is a crib size quilt for selecting your fabric dimensions. (alternately you could use and two flat sheets if big enough to insert your comforter or blanket)
  • Fabric part 2: I ended up having the fabric store help me convert dimensions into yardage. (sorry I forget yardage amount) (Rough guide I purchased extra fabric to ensure enough after shrinkage 36″ x 54″ x 2 pieces. I did end up cutting off some. See referenced article for more information to determine your size)
  • I live in a small town one my favorite place to get sewing supplies online for sewing is I’ve used their chat during business hours when I’ve had questions like this. They are super helpful! There is also a number to call if needed.
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Iron on Velcro
  • Iron
  • kitchen towel
  • Sewing machine

You will need to pre-wash and dry your fabric to allow for shrinkage prior to starting. Then press your fabric pieces. Then create your top finished edge. Here’s how to do that.

Easy DIY baby show gift ideas for you to make

Next you need to make the finished edge for the top of the duvet cover. Follow steps in the image above.

Enjoy gifting or seeing your lovely baby use!! How to sew a baby crib duvet cover sewing finished edge for duvet

Then sew it down taking out pins as you go along. Above is showing you to sew close to the edge further away from turned side. (hope that makes sense)

 When your done you’ll follow steps in the image below starting at number 2.

Easy DIY baby show gift ideas for you to make|Sewing | Handmade baby shower gifts | How to make a crib size duvet cover You can right click and save this reference I made for your personal use only. Direct others to this post or pin from this post to save. Below is how to apply Velcro closure. Further down I have researched some sewing videos to help you if your a novice sewer.

Easy DIY baby shower gift ideas for you to make |Sewing | How to make a baby crib duvet cover

Now you’ll want to take your roll of Velcro and measure it to match across the top of the duvet’s finished seam you just made. Cut and separate the Velcro from the tape cover. Next carefully place onto the seam leaving slightly lower than your top edge. As shown in image above.

  • Place a thin kitchen towel down and follow the iron on Velcro directions for adhering.
  • After both sides have the Velcro attached you are ready to pin right (pretty sides) together!
  • Follow the green sewing lines in the directions. Use a stop and start (forward and backward) when beginning to sew. Leaving the Velcro / top of blanket not sewn. *With the exception of starting at the top edge to go down and all the way around to finish at other top edge.
  • When all the way sewn around the three edges you’ll want to trim any excess carefully. At sides, bottoms and corners on the diagonal.
  • Now, your done! Flip to the right side.
  • Insert your down baby crib comforter.
  • Velcro shut.

Easy DIY baby shower gift ideas for you to make |Sewing | How to make a baby crib duvet cover

Here is what it looks like inside before closing up the Velcro edge with the comforter inside.

The down alternative comforter I purchased is:

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Imported
  • Luxury Down Alternative fine fiber covered by Fine Organic Cotton Covering.
  • 100% Organic cotton Covering for comfort and all season use
  • Box stiched for stability, piped edges. Easy Care- Machine washable. Quick drying.
  • 100% hypo-allergenic. Mite resistant and yet feels like Goose Down
  • Light, good for baby bedding
  • size: Crib Size

Helpful articles and videos from around the web for this project if your a beginner:

  • I found this article helpful when researching crib size/ what size is a crib size quilt for selecting your fabric dimensions.
  • In Martha Stewarts video she shares a fancier duvet cover but, in video shows the correct way for trimming and clipping corners. She uses French seams in hers and attaches a flannel insert and ties.
  • Want to get a little fancier look. This striped baby crib duvet tutorial looks pretty and simple too.
  • Twin Size Duvet Cover video  this one is a bit more detailed but, has clear helpful directions if your interested in making something for a bigger child.

Easy DIY baby shower gift ideas for you to make | sewing | how to make a crib size duvet cover

Enjoy gifting or seeing your lovely baby use!!

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