Easy to Make Unicorn Dream Catcher DIY Plus Video for Adding Webbing

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Learn How to Make A Unicorn Dream Catcher. We have been obsessed with unicorn crafts and Unicorn DIYS ever since they popped on the scene. As a matter of fact I have a Pinterest board with all things unicorn, which I’ll share later in the post.

If you have kids who love unicorns or just love unicorn crafts then this post is for you. You will love making this DIY Unicorn Room Décor.We show you how to make a Unicorn Dream Catcher without the web. You can easily add the webbing. We’ll point you to how to create the webbing too.(video tutorial at end of the post) if you’d like to add that to your unicorn dream catcher.

My littlest granddaughter just turned two, and is obsessed with unicorns. Do you know someone who loves them too? If you said yes, pin and share this project with them.

Unicorn Dream Catcher

Do you love unicorn crafts This is one easy DIY that you can make for party decor or a kids room. Unicorn ribbons, ring, dream catcher. The steps are so easy to follow at DearCreatives.com

This easy Unicorn Dream Catcher can be used for party décor or hung on a kid’s bedroom wall. Add the webbing or leave it just with the flowers, and ribbons. This tutorial is just a jumping point for you to try making your own unicorn kid dream catcher. The video tutorials show many ways to create them for adults too. 

How to make a Unicorn Dream Catcher

Craft Supplies 

Glitter cardstock paper
Decorative cardstock paper
Decorative flowers
Hot glue gun
● Various ribbons
● Small metal craft hoop

OPTIONAL *String or yarn for webbing 

How to make a unicorn horn out of paper, and glue it and cut out ears to a ring. Full tutorial for the unicorn craft at DearCreatives.com

Image Shows Steps 1 – 5

Instructions for how to make a unicorn dream catcher

1. Start by rolling a corner of a piece of glitter card stock paper into a cone shape. You want the top to be pointed, and to radiate down into a cone at the bottom. Cut the rolled cone out, keeping it rolled at all times.
2. Use hot glue to secure the rolled paper in the back. Trim the top to a tip that you are happy with, and cut the bottom so that it is level all the way across.
3. Cut out two ear shapes from decorative card stock paper.
4. Hot glue the unicorn horn to the top of a metal hoop. Hold it in place until the glue has hardened. Do not worry if the glue shows, you will cover this up later.
5. Use the hot glue gun to attach the two ears to the top of the metal hoop, one on either side of the unicorn horn.
6. Attach some decorative flowers along the base of the unicorn horn and the ears to cover up and glue spots.
7. Cut various lengths of different colors and widths of ribbons. Tie them in knots at the bottom of the metal hoop, allowing them to hang down on the bottom.
8. You can attach a loop of ribbon at the back of the top of the hoop behind the unicorn horn if you would like to hang your unicorn ribbon ring.

9. If you want to add the webbing to your dream catcher I thought, it would be easier to point you to a few different tutorials. I’ve included one at at bottom of this post. This video shows how to make a web for a dream catcher . But, you literally just wrap thin string around the outer edging, then cross over hoop to create a free form web, hot glued into place. Or hot glue a doily to the back of the ring. See an example here of a dream catcher with a doily .

There’s a couple more helpful tutorials below to create your own easy to make dream catcher. Here’s the rest of the step by step images to help you create your own unicorn dream catcher. 


Unicorn Craft with horn, ears and decorative flowers added to the ring. DearCreatives.com

Image Step 6 – Adding the decorative flowers. 

Larger decorative flower added to unicorn craft. Full unicorn DIY at DearCreatives.com

Add one or two larger decorative flowers too, and move on to step 7

Unicorn Craft DIY use this for party decor or to hang in a kids room. Any unicorn lover can make this easy craft. See how at DearCreatives.com

Lastly cut, and add the ribbons following directions in steps 7 and 8. Will you add webbing to your dream catcher? If you want to add webbing to your dream catcher follow tutorials in step 9 above and here we’ve listed a few. Dream Catcher Webbing Tutorial (with beads optional)

Looking for more unicorn craft and DIYs? 

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