Flower Pot Crafts For Kids – Have Fun Making!

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We spent a whole rainy day making flower pot crafts. Imagine a table full of kids crafting, painting and coloring. It was super fun. When the grandkids come to visit I like to plan out lots of fun crafts for kids. They decorated flower pots, then they added speckled eggs and chenille chicks to them. Later the kids will add planting soil and flower seeds to watch flowers grow. 

We also made Easter bunny crafts and other spring crafts. They painted giant plastic eggs. Making their own designs on them with paint.

These spring crafts would also work as fun Easter crafts for kids, Earth day crafts, Mother’s Day and summer kids crafts. below that are similar and you can scroll down to see how to paint terracotta pots.

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Flower Pot Crafts

Flower Pot Crafts - Try these fun and easy ideas for decorating flower pots. The kids will love making them for spring, Easter, Earth Day, and Mother's day Grab this craft for kids and more! DearCreatives.com #flowerpotcrafts #craftsforkids #spring #easter #earthday #motherday #summer #kidsactivities #fun #easy #painting #kids

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few things we made and the messy, crafting, fun we had. Honestly, it wasn’t super messy, I should I say organized mess. ha! Since I had four grandkids crafting all at once I set them up with craft supplies. I will share a few ways to make things less chaotic when crafting with kids. 

kids crafting together at the table - kids crafts to make DearCreatives.com

How to set up a table for crafting with kids

  1. set up a station for each child at a large table or workspace (for one or two children a nice kid’s art table in your craft space is always nice to have)
  2. space them apart with enough elbow room to work side by side
  3. place the water in a small container in the center of the table
  4. place craft markers in the center of the table
  5. print out color packets for each child
  6. give each child their own paintbrush 
  7. pre-pour the acrylic paint on a paper plate (or surface you don’t eat off of)
  8. have paper towels handy

crafting with paint - kids crafts to make for spring and Earth day - DearCreatives.com

For their home, I gave them this tabletop paper roll dispenser for crafting. They love it, I almost wish I still had ours but, I donated it since Sammie’s a teen now. I have to admit I stocked up on a few supplies to make these kids projects.

Craft supplies

I bought pretty Easter card stock (at end of the post) and spring card stock.

  1. spring ribbons
  2. bunny wired ribbon
  3. velvet ribbon
  4. Easter eggs to decorate
  5. speckled eggs
  6. chenille baby chicks

Flower Pot Crafts  

decorated terracota plant pot - crafts for kids- Let the kids make this spring activity and then add plant mix to plant with seeds when the weather is permitting. See this and more crafts at DearCreatives.com

Craft supplies used for this flower pot craft

  1. mini planting pots Or biodegradable pots
  2. seasonal wired ribbon and other ribbon and lace
  3. acrylic paints and patio paints (if you are going to keep your plant pots outdoors use patio paints or seal them for the kids with spray sealer)
  4. paintbrushes
  5. paper plates (for paint)
  6. container for water

After you set up the kid’s craft space. Give them their terracotta mini pots (or other pots for planting)

close up of the mini terra cotta pot with paint drying for a spring - crafts for kids to do at home - DearCreatives.com

Instructions for how to paint terracotta pots

  1. dip their paintbrush into the water
  2. squeeze out excess 
  3. dip it into the paint (or patio paint)
  4. begin painting outside of the flower pot
  5. only dip the paintbrush in water to change colors after the first dip and squeeze
  6. let terracotta pots dry
  7. (optional) seal and dry
  8. decorate 

I like to let the kids explore, paint and do it on their own. I am there only to supervise or answer questions, watch the magic happen. When they are completely dry you can spray the painted pots to seal them. This will keep the paint during outdoor weather. 

Decorating flower pots ideas

  1. DIY planter ideas 
  2. Next, we are trying this DIY bunny pot (another fun Easter craft)
  3. DIY Strawberry Pot would be perfect for Mother’s Day or summer!

Do this in the outdoor or a ventilated space in the garage without the kids nearby, then let them dry and give them to the kids to decorate or plant flower seeds with. (depending on the weather) 

When the kids’ pots were dry, they decorated their little pots with the ribbons of their choice and stuffed them with speckled eggs and chenille chicks. 

painted and decorated terracotta pot Use this for a spring craft for kids, Earth day craft for kids or homemade Mother's Day crafts for kids - DearCreatives.com

Each flower pot came out so different and pretty. They surprised their mom (my older daughter) with the crafts when she and her husband got back from an overnight trip, where I watched the kids for a few days. 

Planting seeds with kids for spring or summer

  1. potting soil
  2. flower seeds (marigold seeds) (zinnia seeds)
  3. small rocks (for inside pots for drainage)*optional
  4. Grab our Free Printable Seed Packet Printable and craft to go with your flower pots! (in a few designs)
  5. Subscribe for more.

Free Printable Seed Template Instructions for Seed Packet Envelope Template © 2018 DearCreatives.com

If you have never planted flower seeds with kids you might like this step by step post I found as a resource; 

Looking for more? 

crafts to make with kids

Do your kids need to practice lacing? Or practice cutting with scissors? Make this paper plate bunny with lacing activity for kids. (younger kids can lace, older kids can do both with easy to follow directions) You also might like these bunny crafts. Or check out all our other craft ideas from the link below. 


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card stock paper (single sheets) 

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