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Are you looking for a children’s novel? Recently I had the chance to pull out this kid’s book , A Drop of Hopeby author Keith Calabrese. It couldn’t of been more perfect timing as my grand kids came down for their spring break. My grand daughter who is 10 had just finished her book she had been reading. What a perfect thing to do in the evenings. Read together.

A Drop of Hope 

I let her take my copy home with her as we weren’t quite all the way done. But, I have another copy and it’s up for grabs! Hang on and I will tell you how to grab your chance to win a free copy in a minute to read with your kids or have your kids read.

Read this book with your kids

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kids books A Drop of Hope- Book synopsis and details about this children's book. The basis of the story follows the lives of 3 children, a school teacher and a wishing well. Their town has taken a turn for the worse. See how they find hope through small acts of kindness and a magical wishing well. Find out more at

About the Author 

  • Did you know the author wrote the book on a dare from his daughter?
  • Author Keith Calabrese is a screenwriter known for television.
  • This is his debut book.
  • Conversation with the author

Kids Book

A Drop of Hope

This book is from Scholastic Books but, also available at other retailers in the kids section. (full list at end of post) I think I raised all my kids on Scholastic Books. They helped get my kids excited about reading. Do you love them as much as I do? 

You might like this post when you are done; 15 Ways To Spark Your Kids Love of ReadingIn the same post is a free printable reading checklist. An easy to use reading log for keeping track of your kids reading. 

What ages is the book geared toward?

This is a children’s book geared for kids ages 8-12 years old.

Do you enjoy reading with your kids or grand kids? My grand daughter loves taking turns reading out loud with me. Reading out loud is awesome for growing a child’s confidence, and reading skills. She also reads in the early mornings before everyone wakes up. Which reminds me of how I love to read with coffee in the mornings. 

Overview of the book, “A Drop of Hope”

A Drop of Hope; offers empathy and hope. #ADropofHope is a book that shows how a single act of kindness can create waves and remind us how powerful a little hope can be. With unforgettable characters. A teacher who inspires children by reading stories and sharing a story about the wishing well. Not just any wishing well but, one that can (potentially) grant wishes.When all the folks in the town hit a crossroads of despair, simple acts of kindness begin to blossom. 

“”Three sixth graders are the only ones who know why. (and the main characters) Ernest Wilmette believes a good deed can make magic happen. Ryan Hardy thinks they should just mind their own business. Lizzy MacComber believes in facts, not fairy tales. Of course you don’t have to believe in wishes to make one.””

“”If only””

kids book excerpt from the book A Drop of Hope - See the full synopsis and more details of this new release children's book.

The town, Cliffs Donnelly which was supposed to be named after two prominent families but, ultimately wasn’t. On a sign on the south side of town letters were blacked out all you could see on the sign was if only,“if only” started as a joke but, soon was a expression of grief and sorry. “” People who used to say things like “If only I hadn’t blown out my knee in high school I could’ve gone pro,” or “If only I had practiced guitar more I could have been a rock star,” were now saying, “If only the factory hadn’t shut down I could’ve kept the house,””….. It was making people like Ryan’s dad angry. 

Everything about the town was changing. How does hope come back to this town? It starts in the smallest ways and starts to snowball. Ryan cuts the lawn of a widow who is on a fixed income and he does it for free. Ernest grandpa asks him to clean out the attic as a request when he is sick and dying. He stumbles on an unopened package sitting on a rocker when he works his way into the room to clean it out. But, it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the wishing well which unexpectedly begins to grant wishes. See what happens when wishes are made.

kids books - A book that reminds us of the kindness we are capable of. Find out more at

See how powerful this book and how acts of kindness can be. Why not make this your next family read along.

A Drop of Hope - find out about this new release kids book. A touching story of a magical wishing well and the kindness that begins.

Purchase a copy, find out more, or listen to a part of this children’s book, A Drop of Hope.

#ADropofHope and #SpreadHope 

Scholastic’s A Drop of Hope is available to purchase in the kids section wherever books are sold. You can also find Scholastic’s A Drop of Hope at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, BooksA-Million, iBooks, Audible, and Google Play.

To win a copy of the book. 

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  • Head over to Facebook fan page and tell me who you’d give it to or read it with.

  • It’s that easy! No PO boxes. Only USA

  • Good luck! 

A Drop of Hope - Kids Books This new book release follows 3 kids, a town and the story of a wishing well. See what ensues. Must read, find out more at #kidsbooks #booksworthreading #children #reading

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