Jane The Virgin “Jane’s Drama” Season 5 Twist Reveal

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We are team Jane! Did  you see the new Season 5 episode of Jane The Virgin? If not you need to get caught up. We started watching this series a few years ago, after happening across the show on television. How can we be in the last season already? Season 5 was just released the other night with the big plot twist reveal! 

Are you part of the late night, weekend warriors, binge watching, popcorn throwing, couch surfing lifestyle?

Never dipped your toes into this romantic comedy? You should watch it. Why? Because, it’s always been funny, light heart-ed (unless you are Jane, then it’s drama) and keeps you wondering what can happen next. You can binge watch older episodes to get caught up; see all the ways below. 

This is one romantic comedy – drama that you don’t want to miss. Especially if you are looking for shows to watch. This is a binge worthy show.

Jane The Virgin

jane the virgin - must see romantic comedy, drama. See all the ways to catch up on Jane The Virgin and how the final Season 5 is kicking off! DearCreatives.com

This light heart-ed, satirical romantic comedy, drama, American telenovela. (The series started in October 2014.)

One summer Sammie secretly binge watched the show getting ahead of me. What? Your cheating on me? Don’t you hate that! Then I had to catch up on my own. But, after getting caught up, I was ready for season 5 and wondering what plot twists were going to ensue.

Plus, find out the details the writers left you hanging with from the end of Season 4. Episode 5-1 doesn’t disappoint! If you are an avid fan pop down to the details. 

What is Jane The Virgin about? 

Jane The Virgin (reference) is set in Miami, the series details the surprising and dramatic events that take place in the life of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a hard-working, religious, young, Venezuelan-American woman. Jane’s vow to save her virginity until marriage becomes complicated when a doctor mistakenly artificially inseminates her during a checkup. As the series evolves, the issues shift as her child grows into a toddler, her writing career moves forward, and her family members likewise develop independent plot lines.

Have you been asking?

Jane The Virgin, Season 5

Is Jane The Virgin Coming Back? 

The Answer is YES! But, the series is in it’s final season. Season 5 is now airing.

How many seasons are there of Jane The Virgin? 

Do Jane and Rafael get married?? What now? 

Season 5 – Episode 1 Chapter 82 of Jane The Virgin

      • Good question! Will Jane and Rafael get married after last nights developments? (SPOILER ALERT)
      • Michael, is back! But, he’s not really Michael. What?? If you didn’t see last nights episode be sure to watch it next week to catch up. See why he is going by the name Jason and what happened. 
      • Jane is sure in a tricky situation and it’s affecting her relationship with Rafael. Or is it? It looks like Jane and Rafael will still move in together and (continue to make plans to) get married. (Unless there is another plot twist!)
      • Another key character is Petra. In this new episode you find out who attacked her. And the troubles she is having with her love interest. 
      • Girls (or guys) if you need a quick overview of the season check this video with overview of previous seasons.
      • Fans – You’ll love this trivia 50 Facts About Jane The Virgin
      • Preview the episode you missed here; Season 5 Episode 1 

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