Cookbooks: Aroma Kitchen Cooking With Essential Oils

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Have you ever thought of cooking with essential oils? To be honest I never really have. I mainly have used essential oils in making homemade cosmetics. And although I know rose oil is used in some Indian cooking since I’m not a fan of rose oil I’ve never tried any recipes with rose oil. Incorporating essential oils into foods really never crossed my mind. But, recently I was introduced to a cookbook that shows you how to use essential oils in your cooking.

The cook book is Aroma Kitchen Cooking With Essential Oils. *(Schiffer Publishing) In the book’s introduction you learn that essential oils have been used for cooking only since the mid 1980’s. A little is talked about the industrial flavoring of foods and also spicing with plants which goes way back. What the authors share in this book by Sabine Honig and Ursula Kutschera is a book full of recipes. Quoted straight from the book, ” That anyone can create everyday dishes that are easy to prepare and can be refined with some “essential” help.


Cooking With Essential Oils

Aroma Kitchen



There is information about essential oils, cooking with essential oils and also includes a chart that spans pages for: Essential oils – Aroma kitchen application- Precautions. Next there is a section for preparing aromatic oils. I love this section as you can prepare these recipes for yourself or to give as gifts. There are eight pages full of recipes. 

Then the cookbook moves onto helpful tricks for the aroma chefs which cover seasonal and regional ingredients, high quality vegetable oils and other tips. Next onto the recipes in the book. 

Easy-to-follow recipes for warm and cold appetizers, soups, main and side dishes, desserts, and drinks and cocktails will have you cooking with essential oils in no time! Of course you’ll either have to create the oils from the recipes earlier in the book or purchase the varied essential oils for the recipes. 

One of the recipes that caught my eye was a seasoned honey. Since we love drinking tea and I can’t always get our favorite honey. This recipe was or an Orange-bergamot-vanilla honey. Another recipe was for an Oriental Carrot Rice which refers you to a recipe earlier in the book for Oriental Butter. There are some really lovely recipes and images in the book. Including drink recipes. I can see trying an Apple Punch recipe from the book soon.

Since I don’t have essential oils on hand I actually couldn’t try the recipes but, now that I know which essential oils I need I’m excited to try a few of these recipes soon. When I do I’ll be sure to share them and update the post. If you are using essential oils already and have them on hand this would be another way to expand by learning how you use them in cooking. 

Have you ever used or thought of using essential oils in cooking? Do you own any cookbooks that use essential oils? 

  • I did receive a copy of the book from Schiffer Publishing to review. These are my 100% honest thoughts on the book. 
  • To see more information on the book, reviews or to purchase:  Aroma Kitchen Cooking With Essential Oils

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