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Life – Summer, Photography And Skateboard Riding With Our Bulldog

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Why does it seem like this year is flying by and how are we in the middle of July? Why summer is slipping by so quickly? Does it seem that way for you? We are loving all the sunshine, breezy weather, birds chirping and singing, outdoor crafting and photography taking weather! We are having a stretch of weather that is summery but, not too hot. Not too long ago I had to make a decision that was quick yet difficult at the moment. A mom moment. Maybe you’d had them too? I could see the look and aghast on Sammie’s face as we were walking through Target a while back and talking.

It was all over whether or not to get a skateboard. Oh, the chatter. Sammie, “We can teach Rex”. (our old English Bulldog to skateboard too!) Mind you a few years ago she broke her wrist and had to have surgery falling off a scooter that hit a rock. Scary and cha-ching! 

Let’s say outdoor play has never felt the same for her. Running, basketball, baseball yes but, not riding things. And here she was asking for a skateboard. Today I’m sharing some of our summer lifestyle and photography

I let her get the skateboard

Lifestyle| Photography |skateboard

I want her to have an active lifestyle. I was a tomboy as a kid my life was full of sports. But, hey spring came and went, and summer is here and I think we are both looking for more outdoor activities and adventures. I caved. I totally said, “YES”.

Getting Ready to Teach Our Dog to Skateboard

How to Teach A dog to ride a skateboard? 

Lifestyle |Photography| Bulldog on a skateboard

Today I thought I’d share a little of the summer fun we had since somehow this skateboard got into my basket making a big kid smile! We tried to get Rex to stand on it but, I think he needs a wider skateboard (like this). But, he was thinking this is pretty cool! 

But, we need a wide skateboard for dogs to really get him into learning. He’s pretty big. I’m thinking it might make it easier for training him. Right now, he’s getting excited for being next to it and pulling Sam a few times. Which is good as it helps to get your dog comfortable with being on and near the skateboard. The sounds, movement…

Lifestyle |photography |bulldog pulling someone on a skateboard

Can you believe the smiles on this dog and Sammie?! Her first trial runs were without Rex and he kept running next to her or chasing her. I headed in and got a leash. I have to grab a harness one for next time.

Lifestyle |Photography | Spring portrait

After a few tries of riding the skateboard, she got the hang of it. We had to go back to get a properly fitting helmet. Trust me, you’ll want your kid to use one! Oh, the joy. Can you believe we are already talking about what to do with the rest of our summer?! We have a mini bucket list going on. So far it’s been pretty low key for us.

Lifestyle | Photography | Bulldog pulling someone on a skateboard falling off

Since her helmet at home wasn’t a good fit anymore I said after this one you need to wait until get you that helmet. Luckily, she understood why. Before she even tried I showed her how to do a few things on the skateboard. Sammie’s fashions 5 Seconds of Summer Tee Shirt  We couldn’t find her exact pant but, this one is one were crushing on! A laid-back Alternative jogger. Signature Eco-Fleece pant sports a regular rise and a tapered leg, in a camo print. I can even see wearing them. Comfy! 

Life and style

Lifestyle |Photography |Shoe on a skateboard

Just how many years had it been for me riding a skateboard? Umm, let’s just say after two short runs down the street to show her how I decided no more for me! The last thing I need is an injury, lol. 

Lifestyle |photography | yellow flowers

Instead, I’ll just stick to our walks and summer photography! Looking for good products right to your door? Try Prime, for 30 days. That’s how we got Prime for our shopping. 

What is exciting to you about summer this year? Do your kids have skateboards? Did you ride skateboards as a kid? 

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  1. My son loves skateboarding but is still trying to get the hang of it. He can go up and down the street but still has to learn tricks. I just bought him another board this Summer (yes, it is going by so fast)!

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