What’s New in Home Decor? Opalhouse at Target

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Have you seen Target’s new home decor line? The Opalhouse Collection if full of home decor ideas, and products. It’s online, and available in some stores now. To be honest it’s right up my decor alley, and design style. They have three design capsules to this collection, not just my favorites. I’m going to go over a few of the design details with you, and how it might help you update your home’s decor.

Opalhouse Collection

shop Opalhouse decor Target

The new Opalhouse collection consists of

They are stunning home decor designs. What I love about #Opalhouse is this is an affordable line with color, textures, and elegant details. This line of decor is full of home decor, furniture, bedding, and selections for dining too. Are you are updating a bathroom? Looking for a new chair or side table? Or are you just looking for a few new dishes or accent pieces? 

What rooms in your home are you focusing on updating? Are you planning a home makeover? You might be inspired to change things up after seeing this new line of home decor.

Living room decor

Opalhouse home decor at Target

The colors and fabrics of the IndoChic collection is right up my decor alley. Strike 1 for Target. I love the rich colors of the IndoChic such as TEAL, the velvet fabrics, and textured fabrics. But, they didn’t stop their the selections such as this chair come in four colors. Which makes it easy to find furniture to fit into your home’s color schemes. 

By incorporating neutrals, like this pouf. You can mix, and match fabrics, colors, and textures to create a chic boho look or a Parisian look. Use the Lory Pouf from Opalhouse to make your own eclectic style. This square ottoman pouf combines a unique variety of textures – from tufts to tassels to beads – to create a lively look. Made with a cotton and wool blend for softness and durability. Or go for full color combo such as teal, and cream like the one in the previous image above this. 

Want to add sunny spaces to your home? 

Canyon Sunrise Opalhouse

Canyon Sunrise is filled with peachy to pinks, grey, and muted colors to soften your space, and brighten up your decor. From light fixtures, lamps, baskets, throw rugs, to rattan furniture. Think instant sunset. Or you can use their other home accents to transform your bathroom into a place to escape.

Looking for bedding? Or to update your bedrooms decor? 


Mallorca designs

The Mallorca designs have a global vibe to the designs. Which can be played up to suit both, masculine, and feminine. Mix the pieces throughout your room to create a perfectly eclectic aesthetic. When I see these furniture, and bedding designs it reminds me of the movie Out of Africa. You can see all the other options for bedding from the other capsules too. 

How do you update your home decor? 

The easiest ways to update your home’s decor

  1. Swapping out comforters, and pillows in bedrooms (You might like to shop IndoChic bedroom decor  or shop Mallorca bedroom decor  styles)
  2. Adding new items such as decor accents, pretty throw pillows, and throws to a living room or family room
  3. Replacing a worn out furniture, such as a chair, sofa, or stool
  4. Adding a mirror which reflects light brightening up a dark room
  5. Adding a new table cloth to your dining table
  6. Updating your bathroom with new linens, accents, and shower curtains – Shop this bathroom collection 

Check out the entire #Opalhouse  @Target

Right now, we are working on our guest room. I can’t wait to share more from this new line. What room or rooms are you working on? 

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  • Which capsule from the collection is your favorite? 

Have you taken a look at the Opalhouse collection online or in stores yet? 

How often do you update decor in the rooms in your home? 

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