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Earth Day Word Search Printable + Easy Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

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I’m sharing an Earth Day Word Search Printable. This is a 2-page printable for Earth Day that comes with the answer key. It’s a fun, easy activity for kids or kids at heart.

And I am also sharing our favorite easy ways to be eco-friendly. I hope this helps you find even more ways to celebrate Earth Day every day! Plus, at the bottom of the post are even more printables, crafts, and activities for Earth Day!

Earth Day Word Search Printable

Earth Day Word Search Printable With Answer Key -©2023 DearCreatives.com

Just download the files to your computer and enjoy doing this Earth Day word scramble. Find all 12 words: Earth, Reduce, Sustainable, Plant, Water, Green, Recycle, Care, Reuse, Paper, Clean, and Safe.

I’m also sharing our favorite Eco-friendly tips and products we use in our home. And easy ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Print the Earth Day Word Search

You will need to print and use the word search:

Earth Day Word Search Printable + Easy Ways To be Eco-friendly - DearCreatives.com

Easy Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

  1. Have you heard of Force of Nature? They are having an Earth Month Sale! Use Discount Code: EARTH50 to get $50 off the glass bottle bundle. (offer valid to 4-30)! Their cleaning system cleans germs with no toxic chemicals. Reusable bottles… Replaces so many cleaners with one product! Pop over to find out more!
  2. Reusable Paper Towels reduce paper towel usage and paper waste.
  3. Swedish Dishcloths for washing dishes and cleaning.
  4. Have you heard of food huggers? I love mine! Veggie and Avocado Covers, reusable coffee bags, and reusable lids for bowls all replace saran wrap for leftover portions. Shop these green products and more and get 10% off.
  5. Eco-friendly reusable food storage bags and products.
  6. Kitchen Compost Bin to make compost from your kitchen scraps
  7. Handmade Wool Dryer Balls replace the dryer sheets you use and toss.
  8. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (With Washable Laundry Bag)
  9. Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags reduces plastic bags and paper bags.
  10. Microfiber Floor Cleaning Kit With Reusable Washable Pads instead of disposable floor pads use reusable floor pads.
  11. Hang clothes on a clothesline to dry, with clothes pins and a clothespin bag. It saves energy and money.
  12. Use biodegradable dishwashing soap.
  13. Plant a bee and butterfly-friendly garden, tree, and flowers in the yard.
  14. Save the bees and save the butterflies.
  15. Plant a Butterfly Bush. See how we made a butterfly garden below.
  16. Or plant these flower seeds in the garden. Hummingbird & Butterfly Wildflower Seed Collection.

I hope you like these eco-friendly ideas! Find even more Earth Day Activities at the end of the post. What are your favorite ways to be eco-friendly and green?

Print the Earth Day Word Search

Printable Earth Day PNG Files and Printable Earth Day PDF Files

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Earth Day Printables, Crafts, and Activities

  1. Earth Day Crafts For Kids, Teens, and Adults
  2. Make a Butterfly Garden and Butterfly House with your kids!
  3. Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt
  4. Spring Activities Calander Printable
  5. How To Make Seed Bombs
  6. Flower Pot Crafts For Kids
  7. Make an Herb Garden Kit – gift it to someone.
  8. DIY Planters
  9. Woodbox Centerpiece Ideas 
  10. Seed Packet Printable (seed saver)
  11. Will you participate in a beach cleanup? Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt (for kids)
  12. Free Printables

How do you celebrate Earth Day? Enjoy the printable Earth Day Word Search!

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