What To Watch? Trending On Amazon and Netflix + The Best Streaming Services

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What to watch right now? I am all about my home entertainment, it fits my lifestyle. What about you? But, today I bit adieu to my local cable streaming service. After years of price hikes and gouging, I am trekking into other streaming services for my television viewing and movies. I am breaking up with cable! With that said I am sharing the best streaming services, I use and might try. And what I am watching tv, movies, series and shows that you need on your what to watch list. 

What To Watch What to Watch? 20 must-watch shows, series and movies to watch right now. Plus my breakeup with cable and the best streaming services. DearCreatives.com #whattowatch #entertainment #homeentertainment #movies #shows #series

You know, there are times when you just say enough. Even with a bundled deal of cable tv, phone service, and internet, it was time to let go of my cable tv service. Pricing had gotten to be too much for us. This isn’t an ad for anyone I’m just talking about what’s going on in our family. With Sammie going to college and our health insurance costs through the roof. We needed to cut costs to afford the lifestyle we love. 

We already have Prime, which comes with streaming movies, series, and shows. And they have an app. for your cell phone too. They offer movie classics, new shows, made for Amazon Prime and shows you can purchase. I have loved some of the shows I have watched recently.

My most used features for Amazon Prime are the free shipping, Try Before You Buy, and Amazon streaming service. These all come with Amazon Prime. I can honestly say, we get our money’s worth from the service. Especially, living in a rural area, where shopping isn’t king for choices. 

What to Watch right Now?

What To Watch on Amazon Prime

  1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – New Season(I binge-watched this one. A little crass, sass and loveable.) 
  2. Jack Ryan (action and adventure)
  3. New – Troop Zero (made for Prime) on my what to watch list. 
  4. Aeronauts (We loved this!) 
  5. Stardust – (enchanted romance) This tale stars Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Robert De Niro. (Prime with Showtime)
  6. The Handmaids Tale (available for purchase) 
  7. Crown Heights (Drama) 
  8. The Expanse (Sci-Fi)
  9. What Men Want (Comedy)
  10. The Newsroom -series

Don’t have Prime yet?  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

What to Watch on Netflix

  1. You – series
  2. Anne With An E – New Season
  3. If you watched Breaking Bad What to watch after Breaking Bad? – El Camino (movie)
  4. Good Girls – New Episodes 
  5. Dirty John (based on a true story) 
  6. Marriage Story – Movie, Oscar Nominee 
  7. Messiah – With Michelle Monoghan 
  8. Inception – movie 
  9. The Bonfire of Destiny – series – a period piece 
  10. The Witcher 

I love Netflix because it’s affordable, always adding new shows, series, and movies. Yes, there is an app. for the cell phone too. Which pretty much comes with all streaming services these days. 

What Streaming Services to Use?

The Best Streaming Services 

  • All these services come with free trials for a period of time (usually 30 days, or as stated). 
  1. Right now, the favorites that we already are signed up for Amazon Prime with so many perks.
  2. Netflix. Hands down a favorite for series and movies. Tracking to show you similar shows to what you like to watch…
  3. We are going to try Hulu. Starting with their free trial. Plus, they have Hulu + Live TV
  4. “In the News, right now.” This new service is going to be like Hulu. It is the Peacock Streaming service. Get set to start streaming,  Peacock Streaming (Announcement about Peacock Streaming) Dates to watch for July 2020 with an early release to Xfinity customers on April 15, 2020. 
  5. One of my older daughters who has 4 younger kids ages 5-12 subscribes to Disney Plus and loves that for her family. You can get this service with a Hulu combo. 
  6. HBO Now – available via Amazon Fire TV and via other options.

Need more options for streaming? Read this Video Guide To Streaming Services – Consumer Reports article on The Best Steaming Services

What are you watching? What streaming service is your favorite? And Why? 

Let me know on social media by tagging me @DearCreatives or by commenting here. 

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