DIY Planters That Are Fun, Easy And Make Great Gifts!

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Who is excited to find new fun and easy DIYs? Today we have DIY Planters, easy ideas up-cycling and decorating potted planters, just in time for Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and end of the year teacher gifts. Soon the ground will be thawing for those of you back east and planting season will be here before you know it.

Why not plan out your gardening fun? These are fun and easy DIYs, these planter projects are a mix of ideas that anyone can do and make great gifts. Grab your decorating supplies, garden soil, and a few pretty flowers, herbs or succulents. 

You can place these DIY planter projects indoors or outdoors depending on which ones you do. Or by what types of plants, you add into them. We have scoured the web to find you the best garden planter ideas. We hope you enjoy them as much as us. We can’t wait to make a few more of our own pretty pots and rejuvenate our outdoor garden. We seem to be working our way out of the drought, or at least severe drought since all our rains this year. I hope you’re excited to get planting! We sure are. 

DIY Planters

DIY Planters | The Best DIY Planters. You will love making these planter pots for spring, earth day or for gifting! So many to choose from. These projects are a mix of indoor planters and outdoor planters. Perfect for any time of year.DIY Planters Ideas

These are easy planter ideas for sprucing up ones you have or creating new planter pots that you can plant your favorite seasonal plants, flowers, herbs or succulents in. 

  1. DIY Planters via lilyador
  2. DIY Hello Planter via dwellbeautiful 
  3. DIY Dinosaur Planter via notquitesusie 
  4. DIY Mason Jar Succulent Planters via sophistishe 
  5. DIY Driftwood Succulent Planter via racheleodoro 
  6. DIY Painted Potted Planters via aboutamom 
  7. DIY Cereal Box Planters via lollyjane
  8. DIY Rustic Market Planters via consumercrafts 
  9. DIY Chandelier Planter Tutorial via diyshowoff
  10. DIY Fabric Twine Flower Pot DIY via ginamichele 
  11. DIY a Planter From a Colander  via somewhatsimple
  12. DIY Topsy Turvey Planter via thespringmountain6pack 
  13. DIY Painted Planters With Paint Markers via dearcreatives 
  14. DIY Kraft Bag Planters via grillo-designs 
  15. DIY Herbed Garden Window Planter via simplenaturedecorblog 
  16. DIY Shoe Flower Pot Tutorial via easypeasyandfun 
  17. Concrete Succulent Planter via bybrittanygoldwyn 
  18. DIY Address Planter With Faux Plants via thecofranhome 
  19. DIY Vertical Planter via thecraftpatchblog 
  20. DIY Mini Face Planters via fishandbull 
  21. DIY Stenciled Planters via realcloake
  22. DIY Bee Thumbprint Planter (Teacher Gift) via gigglesgalore 

What DIY planter will you try first? 

Looking for more gift ideas? Or Planter Ideas? 

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