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Spring Activities – Printable

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Are you ready to plan some fun activities for the kids and family? We made a printable filled with spring activities!

Add any of the fun things to do to your spring bucket lists! Looking for other printables? Grab all our Free Printables. What do you enjoy doing in the spring?

I love getting outdoors, going on walks, and bringing my camera. My favorite things to photograph are flowers and nature. I also love beach days.

This spring activity calendar is so cute! Print the spring bucket list and have fun doing all the ideas! Find this free printable and more. DearCreatives.com

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Spring Activities

  1. Take outdoor photos.
  2. Draw (indoors or outside depending on the weather)
  3. Make flower art and plant flowers.
  4. Paint flowers and trees…
  5. Play outside.
  6. Go stargazing.
  7. Learn to sew.
  8. Watch funny movies.
  9. Add flowers to a vase.
  10. Play board games.
  11. Read books.
  12. Sing songs.
  13. Have a dance-off.
  14. Write a spring story.
  15. Ride bikes.
  16. Learn about Earth Day.
  17. Make a pillow fort.
  18. Play baseball. (beginners will love this) (t-ball)
  19. Do rainbow crafts. – Cloud-Rainbow Kids Paper Craft
  20. Learn to skateboard.
  21. Paper-Craft.
  22. Make a spring journal. – Journaling
  23. Rake spring leaves.
  24. Go bug hunting.
  25. Go on a picnic.
  26. Make Spring Crafts – Spring Craft Ideas
  27. Go to the beach.
  28. Paint ladybug rocks.
  29. Taco Tuesday. Make tacos! (recipes below)
    Ground Beef Tacos This is a 30-minute restaurant-style taco meat recipe. Nix the packets, this recipe is from scratch and so easy to make. A family favorite!
    Easy Beef Tacos  This is a ground beef recipe that is really easy and we’ve used it for camping or when in a pinch for time. 15-minute recipe.
  30. Make a bird feeder. (or) Make a birdhouse.
  31. Fly a kite.
  32. Try doing Yoga.
  33. Pizza Night – Make homemade pizza or order pizza.
  34. Do a puzzle.

You might also like to try these spring crafts!

Spring Activity Calendar

Spring Activity Calendar-A bucket list of spring activities. Fun stuff for the whole family to do in the spring. DearCreatives.com
spring activities

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What do you need to print and use the activities calendar filled with ideas?

Printable Spring Activities

Print the activity calendar for having fun this spring!

  1. Spring Activity Calendar – PNG FILES
  2. Spring Activity Calendar -PDF FILES

Looking for more fun things to do this spring?

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