Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Baby Registry Ideas

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We hope this list of baby gifts helps you find a gift for the parents to be. Baby shower gifts can be useful gifts for the mom-to-be, for the newborn, or, for the baby as he/or she grows. Or use this list of ideas to give you ideas of what to put on your own baby registry. We love celebrating new babies. It is such a special occasion for family or friends. 

Who is having a baby that you know? 

Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts - Baby gift ideas and gift ideas for baby girls, and how you can make a baby registry online.

Celebrate the mom-to-be with baby showers gifts. By giving the new mom useful gifts, handmade baby gifts, and sentimental keepsakes. Find a list of gifts to make at the end of this post. These are perfect if you are crafty or sew. 

We recently created a baby gift basket for a baby shower we went to. DIY Baby Gift Basket – See what is put into a baby’s gift basket and how to make a baby gift basket.

More shower gift ideas that might help you find the perfect gift for the baby to be.

For us, it’s a grandbaby girl, and we are so excited. Hey, baby girl, we can’t wait to meet you! My daughter is due in late October early November we are counting down the days until she is born and awaiting a name for her. She already has two brothers who can’t wait to meet her too.

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Baby Gifts ideas

Gifts for a Baby Girl Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. Baby Swaddles or these Baby Swaddles
  2. Plush Blankets
  3. Changing Pad  and Waterproof Changing Pads
  4. Starry Night Light 
  5. Circle Shelf
  6. Books for baby and toddlersGuess How Much I Love You
  7. Pretty in Pink Baby Walker
  8. Milestone Blocks Set 
  9. Baby Clothes
  10. The Best Book of Baby Names 

The Best Baby Gifts 

  1. Backpack Baby Bag
  2. Baby Carrier 
  3. All in One Car Seat (newborn to child) 
  4. Nursery Glider Rocking Chair
  5. Baby Monitor 

Find your mom-to-be baby registry and shop for gifts on the parent’s baby gift wishlist. 

Make gifts for baby

Handmade gifts are always a special gift for baby showers. 

  1. Receiving Blankets, Booties, and Bootie Inserts
  2. Easy Sewing and Patterns for Homemade Baby Gifts
  3. Handmade Burping Cloths 
  4. Crib Duvet Cover DIY
  5. DIY Baby Bunting- Wall Banner
  6. On the Go Diaper Zipper Pouch DIY
  7. DIY Baby Room Wall Decor -DIY Embroidery Hoop Nursery Craft (Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Gift)

 How to create a baby registry?

Go to Target sign up for a baby registry

  • After you sign up (for free) to make your baby’s gift list
  • Scan your favorite baby items
  • See how to get up to $100 in free welcome gifts, and other perks including
  • 15% discount to buy items you need *see details
  • Have access to creating a personal page
  • Make checklists
  • The ability for group gifting
  • Tracking and access to a registry app for scanning your baby gift picks.

Target Baby Registry

Creating a registry makes it so helpful for anyone shopping for what you need or want for your baby, and nursery. Head over to find out more.

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Looking for Baby registry gift ideas?

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