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Things To Do Central Coast California

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Things To Do Central Coast California – Are you traveling to Central California? Or maybe you live in the area? Are you looking for fun things to do in Central, California? Today I’m sharing things to do Central, California. We have added to our list of things to do. Our list includes year-round activities as well as things to do in the fall/autumn. 

We have listed so many resources for things to do this weekend in Central, California. These are some of the best travel ideas for this time of year and year-round. They are fun things to do if you are a local or just visiting the area. We have linked to our back road travels, to help you find places to go and things to do! 

All the places are close enough to Paso Robles, and San Luis Obispo to make the perfect day trips. Many of these activities are free unless you purchase something. Other activities do charge an entrance fee, and younger kids may be free.

Don’t miss our coastal areas. It’s worth the drive. We love our coastal area, and it’s not to be missed. It’s not that far off Hwy. 101 to Hwy. 1 and well worth the extra 30-minute drive (or more depending on your destination). 

Many are annual activities, and events. So if you miss it this year, plan for next year. We have also added other fun activities we have shared or done in the post to help you find something fun to do today!

Things To Do In Central California Things To Do Central Coast California - Activities, fun things to do, beaches, travel ideas for Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo + surrounding coastal area. Back road adventures, things to do this weekend, seasonal activities, year round activities...DearCreatives.com

Fun Things To Do In Central California

Avila Beach

Recently we headed to the Avila Beach area just south of San Luis Obispo since my daughter was visiting with her family due to the fires up in our hometown. After visiting Avila Valley Barn we headed into the town of Avila beach.

Avila Beach San Luis Obispo California overlooking the beach to the pier. Fun things to do DearCreatives.com

Just a short drive from Avila barn you go west on the road, making a left at the stoplight before heading out to highway 1. Don’t miss this stop, there are plenty of places to eat, grab a cup of coffee, get an ice cream, or sit, and sip a glass of wine while viewing the ocean.

I will be doing a separate post about the beach area. (all these photos are cell pics, I didn’t lug my big camera since we had 4 little ones with us.)

Avila Barn 

Avila Valley Barn pumpkins, haystacks, barn. Find out all the fun things to do there DearCreatives.com

Avila Valley Barn

We started at Avila Valley Barn. Which is free to visit. Pulling in it’s set up for fall, open 9-6 weather permitting. Pumpkins everywhere! So many to pick from piles, or in wooden crates.

Feeding the farm animals 

Feeding the farm animals at Avlia Valley Barn See all the fun things to do in SLO at DearCreatives.com

We decided to first walk the grandkids all through the area with the farm animals. You can grab a bag of veggies to feed them for a dollar, in the general store.

Pumpkin Picking at Avila Barn

Avila Valley Barn pumpkin patch, and pumpkins barn shop.

Pack a lunch or grab one of their choices. There are affordable options, including drinks. Options such as a hot dog for the kids, or splitting well-made sandwiches, salads and more. We picked a pre-made sandwich which is a cheaper alternative to the fresh made. Its bread was super yummy, and these are big which makes it easy to share. Sorry, no pic.

Hay Mazes, Tractor Rides, Pony Rides…

Hay Mazes are just some of the fun things to do in Avlia. Find out more DearCreatives.com

  • They have tractor rides after 1 pm. Kids under a certain age are free. Sorry, I don’t remember pricing but, it’s affordable. Ticket’s in the general store.
  • Free Hay Mazes, one mini hay maze for toddlers, and preschool age (both fun for the family, and kids)
  • Pony Rides, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ($) do cost money.

Things To Do On The Central Coast California This Weekend

top 5 fun things to do in the fall Central, Ca. inside tips to visiting California. DearCreatives.com

You can’t help stop by the bakery. Packed with fresh fruits, veggies, and baked goods….off to the side is fresh corn roasting. Follow me on Instagram to see all our fun travels and photos.

We found out Avila Valley Barn offers educational field trip tours and in summer classes. The barn has once started as a 10 x 10 farm stand. 

You have to try their pies. We bought two, thinking the pie is kind of pricy (about $20). But, it was just like a homemade pie without, all the work of doing it. Hello, holiday pies. We purchased their triple berry and raspberry peach. Seriously, so good. 

Central Coast California Fall Things To Do 

Top 5 Fun things to do Central, California in the fall. You'll love these family friendly travel ideas insider tips for traveling California. DearCreatives.com

Pumpkin Patches In Central California

entrance to River K Pumpkin Patch on South River Road, Paso Robles Ca.

River K Pumpkin Patch, and Corn Maze (Paso Robles)

Free to visit. My daughter and I have been to River K Pumpkin Patch every year since she was little. The corn maze is always a blast, they have a large field to run through, decorated for Halloween, and filled with pumpkins to pick. There are plenty of wagons to wheel your pumpkins. Hayrides, and corn maze. 

Last year we visited at night. It was the first time at night, and perfect for anyone wanting a big spookier atmosphere. We didn’t go through the maze at night but, I am pretty sure you can if you bring your flashlight. Subject to change. 

chesebroughfarm Templeton, Ca

Chesebrough Farm (Templeton)

Free to visit. Not far down the road from Paso on 790 Moss Lane in Templeton is the Chesebrough Farm. We spotted it when taking a back road down into Templeton. They have a large variety of pumpkins, and squash, including scared pumpkins. Chesebrough

Farm events:

  • Carriage Rides October 28th, 29th 10pm-11pm.
  • Tractor Pulls October 28 at 2 pm. Check their website, or call to confirm dates/times, may be subject to change

Dragon Spring Farms (Cambria)

You-Pick-Farm Cambria – We went blueberry picking there in the summer (grab our blueberry cake recipe and see photos from our visit) but, they have fall pumpkins so you can pick your own Jack-O-Lantern and canning activities you can sign up for at Dragon Spring Farm. Picking blueberries at Dragon Springs Farm Cambria, California We made the best blueberry coffee cake with these blueberries. Grab the recipe at DearCreatives.com

Haunted Houses 

Nightmare on Main Street, Templeton California

You need tickets. If you are wanting to get spooked this Halloween there is the Nightmare on Main Street, Haunted House. Tickets $10 This Halloween haunt is in a 120-year-old house and was created to give back to the local community through donations to San Luis Obispo sheriff k-9 unit, senior scholarships, sports teams, concerts in the park, and Templeton fire, and emergency services.

  • open October 27,28,30 & 31st  7-11PM
  • November 3rd & 4th 7-10pm
  • Lights on Tours- October 21 & 28 5-6PM

fun things to do Central Coast California Cambria Scarecrow Festival DearCreatives.com

Cambria, California Scare Crow Festival

Just west off Paso Robles take Hwy.46 to Hwy. 1 to Cambria. One of our favorite beach town communities. You probably have seen my many photography posts with Moon Stone Beach. The town has people, and artists decorate scarecrows. They are scattered throughout the town of Cambria, Harmony, and San Simeon. The scarecrows are available to see from Oct. 1-31st. and, this has become an annual event. They do have events each weekend, for planning your visit. October 27-29th is Octoberfest

Looking for more things to do in the SLO area?

Fun kids activities in Paso Robles, and San Luis Obispo

San Simeon, California Things to do

About a 45-minute drive from Paso Robles, California

Events, and Activities in the Central Coast, California

Wine tasting activities, and other activities

Where Are Good Places To Travel In California?

Driftwood along the shoreline at moonstone beach Cambria, Calfornia

Travel Ideas Central California 

  1. Travel Carmel, California Hofsas House Stay Not only are we sharing where we stayed but, more sites about Carmel
  2. Exploring Carmel, California We share some of the ins and outs about the quaint town of Carmel. Also things you can do nearby. Including our beach day, the iconic 17 mile drive and more.
  3. Winchester House California Historical Site If traveling in San Jose, California the Winchester Mystery House is a must stop. Winchester (the rifle mogul) This is a historical stop the home is filled with antiquities, history and a gun museum.
  4. Weekend Travel Style Weekender Travel Style
  5. Monterey, California And Monterey Bay Aquarium (part 1) Monterey And Monterey Bay Aquarium
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  8. Los Osos, California And Nature Preserve Butterfly Sanctuary and Nature Preserve along the Central California Coast.
  9. Cayucos, California has lots of small towns coastal fun-filled with antique stores, shops, and beaches with a pier. There are also surf shops for rentals and learning how to surf. 
  10. Moonstone Beach, Cambria is a favorite spot of ours for collecting rocks, shells and hiking along the beach. At certain times of the year, the ocean swells are too big to get down on the beach. 
  11. San Luis Obispo, California Botanical Gardens has a park, hiking trails behind it and even camping areas. We share a few insider tips and resources for planning your trip.
  12. Blueberry Picking in the Summer + Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe  
  13. Travel Carry-on Tips Unique places to see – (Wit’s End Cambria) (Nit Witts Ridge)
  14. Hiking Montana de Oro 
  15. California Mid-State Fair
  16. Travel

What’s the weather like on the Central Coast California?

  • Fall at the central coast can be beautiful. The weather can start out chilly or foggy but, it can warm up into the 80-90 degree weather. Beaches can be about 30 degrees cooler than inland several times of the year. You never know until you drive out there so it’s nice to have a windbreaker or light jacket and sunglasses are essential.
  • Summer can be very hot but, can get cold at night with winds or fog. Then there are nights in late July-August (which is our fair time Mid State Fair) (what to wear) when the weather can stay warm all night long!
  • Winter weather can drop into the 20-40-degree weather, due to the limited amount of rainy days.
  • Spring, we can get rain showers but, it can warm up into the 80-degree weather. 

My best tips for what to wear while visiting or traveling on the Central Coast California is to bring layers, always have sunglasses, grab a light jacket or windbreaker. In winter months a warm jacket. Summer months dress light, shorts, flip flops, sun hats… 

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What are some of your favorite things to do on the Central Coast, California?

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