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Top 5 Cookies You’ll Love Dunking In Milk!

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What is better than milk and cookies? Organic milk and cookies! With the holidays fast approaching there is one thing I know my family loves and that is a good cookie for dunking. I love baking cookies for them.

Today’s post is sponsored by Moms Meet and I received coupons to purchase Organic Valley Milk and share our opinion of the products.

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I’m sharing our favorite cookies to bake that pair perfectly with milk. My top 5 cookies are just a few of our cookie recipes.

Best Cookies To Pair With Milk - Top 5 cookies perfect for baking and the holiday season too. Cookie recipes at DearCreatives.com

Best 5 cookies to pair with milk

  1. Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies
  2. Snickerdoodle Cookies
  3. Peanut Butter Cookies
  4. Olive Oil Sugar Cookies
  5. Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Other family favorites are our Santa Cookies and Shortbread Cookies (at the end of the post). Any of these cookies are tasty picks for milk and cookies for Santa. Or to serve when the kids are writing their letters to Santa. For the little ones, I love serving milk in milk jugs with straws like this (or this) these styles are so cute (and help avoid spills). Be sure to subscribe I’ll be posting a new recipe for Christmas cookies soon as shown below! They are the perfect cookie to dunk into milk too.

Milk Dunking Cookies

Milk Dunking Cookies - Cookies that are perfect anytime with milk or... Cookie recipes at DearCreatives.com

Honestly, serving any cookie, brownie, holiday dessert or a sweet treat with milk is pretty tasty. Organic Valley Milk is what we reach for, and here is why.

Why reach for Organic Valley Milk It's good for you and they even have Lactose-Free Milk. Find out all the ways they ensure the best for you and your families.DearCreatives.com

Why Reach For Organic Valley Milk?

  • When you reach for milk think about getting a healthier choice. Organic Valley is USDA Organic and Certified Organic are Non-GMO products that are good for you and your family.
  • The animals are raised without hormones or antibiotics, and nothing they eat has ever been sprayed with harsh pesticides. 
  • Organic Valley is the brand I’ve been reaching for (way before this post to be honest) and I think you will love their products too. They carry dairy products such as milk, cream, half and half, butter, cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, and eggs… *perfect for baking, cooking with, and consuming!
  • Bonus, they also have Lactose-Free milk. Great for people like me who love macaroni and cheese, potato soup, and creamy pasta sauce or tres leches cake… but, can’t tolerate whole milk. Organic Valley has choices of 7 kinds of milk!

Why I reach for Organic Milk

  • Organic Valley has a commitment to treating its animals well. And giving them more time outside. I’ve seen this firsthand. Raising my kids nearby a dairy farm (in Sonoma county). We walked by there every day. And were invited in many times to see the cows milking firsthand. Or watched them grazing in the fields.
  • With its nearly 1800 small organic family farmers committed to raising good food the right way. They take care of their families, yours, the animals, and the earth thanks to their high standards.

These products are good for you. And taste great too!

Christmas Cookies and Milk

Christmas Cookies and Milk - Milk dunking cookies these festive cookies are easy to make and bake for holiday celebrations or for the family! Grab cookies recipes for the holidays or to make and bake now at DearCreatives.com

No matter what you cook, bake or serve with milk. You can find this organic milk reasonably priced at retailers near you.

How much is Organic Valley milk?

  • A half gallon of Organic Valley whole milk typically retails for $4.99
  • A gallon of Organic Valley milk typically retails for $6.29

Where to buy these organic dairy products?

Locally I found these products at Walmart. And Albertson’s carried the Ghee (clarified butter). Find more locations and recipes on their site too.

Organic Valley Milk - milk in a glass - Where to buy Organic Valley Milk and why buy organic milk and organic milk products...DearCreatives.com

Memories of living nearby the dairy remind me why I reach for Organic Valley. My older kids grew up participating in 4-H. I have always had an organic garden. And have been interested in being greener and purchasing organic products. Now you don’t have to do all that to buy their products! The concept is simple, healthy inside and outside. I love using and serving organic products. It is an easy feel-good and taste-good choice for me, my family, and my grandkids.

What are your milk-dunking cookies?

Looking for something to bake?

You can find our other cookie recipes here. Like our half-batch cookies with m&m’s. Find more things to bake (Baking Index). Grab our free printable recipe card for writing down your new cookie recipes! Or for when you go to cookie swaps and holiday cookie parties.

Cookies To Make

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