Tips for Back to School Start The School Year Right!

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Before you know it back to school is happening. Today I’m sharing back to school supplies, and tips to start the school year right. Why now? Back to school starts early for us. I miss the days when they went back to school after Labor Day. How are we half way through summer? It’s bitter sweet. We love summer, yet love the routines of fall that back to school brings.

Besides today’s post you can also see see our other back to school supplies favorites on Dear Creatives Amazon storefront, all in one place. Elementary-High school. Bonus, I’ll link to other helpful back to school ideas, free back to school supplies lists, free printable back to school checklist, and more later in this post. We hope this makes getting the kids back to school fully ready, and as easy as possible. 

Back to School Supplies

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Tips for Back to School Start The School Year Right!

  • Take advantage of big sales (pre-season back to school sales)
  • If you shop later, price check stores. Knowing what stores have the best deals on what products will help you save. Get only the items you need, save for other expenses. 
  • Remember to save money for school gym clothes (purchase these at your schools) Typically they will let you buy non logo sweat shirts in grey to go with the schools PE clothes but, check with your middle or high school.
  • You will need 2 sets of gym clothes minimum. Sammie swapped out, and brought hers home every week, and put clean ones in her back pack for Mondays. (If she needed them washed more we just made it happen)
  • 1 pair running shoes (if playing a sport you may need other sport shoes)
  • Sports, and band programs aren’t free! Be prepared to pay fees if your child signs up. (Some schools fund some programs so check at orientation)
  • Buy the Student Body Cards, with all dance, activities, and year book included! It’s the best deal if you child is social, goes to all the h.s. games, dances, plays by the drama club and activities. Year books are 3x the price at the end of the school year. Dances, and plays were at least $10 each at her high school. Many English classes gave extra credit for students to go to plays. 
  • If your  student is in sports there may be bus fees for transportation during the year.
  • This is the first year Sammie may drive herself on occasion. Our high school has an annual parking pass fee
  • Locker Fees ($20 for a lock or purchase your own) Typically two kids to a locker. 
  • There are times you are asked to donate items to teachers or purchase for parties. 

Do you have a high school student this year?

What grade are your kids going into this fall? Below, I have sourced quality, affordably priced must have back to school supplies.

  • But, before you buy, make a supply list using our tips below, and grab our free printable back to school list for high school teen girls  (plus we talk about stocking the locker for girls, and other supplies that are handy) There are 4 pages to the school checklist printable and one is blank for you to fill in which will work for creating your own back to school checklist. 

Check what you have before buying

If your kids have already been in middle school or high school have them go through the basic must have list, and see what is left over from the previous year. This way you won’t repurchase unnecessary items.

  1. Have them go through already owned supplies
  2. Gym clothes
  3. Toss damaged, and broken school supplies, clothes
  4. Sort items
  5. Make a list of what is needed
  6. Purchase the basic supplies, and wait for back to school class supply lists. 

What supplies should put in your pencil case?

  1. Pencil Cases (unicorn zipper case) (unicorn binder zipper pencil case) (basic binder zipper case
  2. Mechanical Pencils
  3. Pens Pilot’s G2 writes smoothly, comfortably  (black) (blue)
  4. Highlighters Pens
  5. Glue Sticks (disappearing) 
  6. Scissors
  7. Mini Stapler

Must Haves for studying, and classes

  1. Index Cards
  2. Index Cards Set, with Dividers, and Plastic Holder
  3. Composition Notebook (.50) *prices subject to change
  4. Collage Ruled Notebooks (Typically 1 for each core class 
  5. Durable 3 ring Binder (1.5″) Typically 1 for each core class
  6. College Ruled Paper
  7. Scientific Calculator / Scientific Graphing Calculator 
  8. Scientific Calculator Case

Must haves at home for back to school

  1. Printer(wireless)
  2. Computer Paper (most subjects are done online now, and homework printed out)
  3. Stapler (office size)
  4. Labeler
  5. Permanent Markers

Must haves for Physical Education

  1. Non logo grey sweat shirt (get over sized for layering in winter) 
  2. Running Shoes (young men) Running Shoes (young women)
  3.   Package of white sport socks (men)  white sport socks (women) 

Art supplies #DerwentAcademy #IC #ad See how to use these art supplies and, how to make creative time....DearCreatives.com

Must haves for Art Class

  1. Colored Pencils (24 count) *Prisma is one our favorites and a great price! 
  2. Colored Pencils  (24 count) Derwent another favorite, great price 
  3. Felt Pens
  4. Crayons
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue Sticks

For art classes, get a art class supply list. Each class varies for what is needed. But, typically the above are basics that are needed. Wait to get art paper off their request, most of the time they supply it. Sam’s high school goals for fall are lofty, and full of science, math, and English courses. She managed to slip in a graphics art class, and still is taking piano outside of school. Other activities this year on the tennis team again, and just joined a band. We have started our back to school list, and shopping for back to school supplies.You might like to take advantage of this Back to School Target sale

back to school supplies Target

The best back-to-school 

When do you start getting ready for back to school? 

See all our Back to School ideas on Pinterest 

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