Beach Photography The Ocean Calls When You Need Vitamin Sea

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It’s been raining here over the past few weeks. Storms blowing in winds. Big swells at the beach. We live just 30 minutes from the coast a short hop over a large mountain terrain leads us from Paso Robles to Cambria. At it’s highest elevation we are over 7000 ft. then back down to sea level. The sights are spectacular. When the weather clears and mud dries I’ll have to stop to take photos to show you. But, until then I am sharing a little beach photography. With a dash of color inspiration.

There are a few places in nature that are my soul catchers. One of them is the beach. The other three are the river, forest and gardens. They are special places for me. I feel more at peace. Maybe it reminds me of the days when I ran all day playing in the surf? Or when I was a teen spending days with friends walking the shore, hikes at the mountains…. Yes and no. It’s the wind blowing my hair, sun on my face, breeze and getting outdoors. But, mostly the calling the ocean has is captivating. She has a way with herself, waves lapping up the shore, the sounds of the waves reminding me of how powerful and beautiful nature is.


Cambria, CA

Photography |Ocean Beach Sea

That is when I am the most at peace. I love walking the shore collecting shells. I love taking photographs of all the seasons and how it affects what the beach gives us. Calm and sunny, windy and cloudy, low and high tides……

Not to long ago we ventured out for a day at the beach. Only to see her at her mightiest. High waves reaching 25-30 feet. We stood on a wood pathway at the top of the cliffs. We walked along viewing the ocean with one of  her most magnificent shows. There is not one image that could capture how high those waves truly were! But, the beach that we normally walk on below the cliffs weren’t there. They were swallowed up by her waves.

Photography |Ocean waters at high tide Cambria CA

I forgive her for not sharing her space with us that day we came to visit. As the ocean was reeling from a winter storm. Not even one surfer dared, as she covered rocks hidden in waves. Like a mother she needed time for herself.

Photography | Little boy looking at the sea

How content he was to watch the beauty of the ocean and walk with us… I like to think that this little one will grow up to cherish nature too.

Photography |high tide at the beach

Although our visit with my family was short it had many moments that will fill my heart until next time.

Photography Moonstone Beach Cambria CAA  day at the beach restores the soul.

Beach Photography | Color Inspiration

Photography | beach_ Color Palette_© 2016 DearCreatives
Beach colors to soothe the soul.

Do you have a special place that reenergizes you?

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  1. I love the beach too! How lucky you are that you have so many different types of land around you (beach, mountains, etc.) Originally coming from Florida, I thought it was awesome when we went out to CA and you could see mountains and beaches all at the same time. I hope it stops raining soon so that you can get those walks and hikes in! Thanks for stopping by Heartfelt Balance Handmade LIfe

    1. Hi QH, Thanks for taking time to visit. We’ve needed the rain for a long time & I prefer it to the extreme cold. I’m sure there will be plenty of breaks in the weather to get some walking in. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. We live right in front of the sea (1st row), and these photos “touch” home.
    They’re extremely beautiful
    At the moment we cannot see the sea, as everything is close – we’re in the middle of a huge storm

    1. Hi Winnie, How nice to live so close but, I can see things being quite rough during storms being that close. Someday you’ll have to share a photo on your blog or FB page for us to see how pretty your view is! Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment. See you again soon!

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