Weekender Style Guide Summer Must Haves!

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Today I’m sharing an weekender style guide. Yes, we have a few overnighters planned for this summer! We couldn’t be more excited to spend a little time on the road. What about you? What travel plans do you have? Honestly, I was hoping we would have more time to travel but, Sammie opted to take health over the summer.

I’m not looking forward to getting up to drive her early through summer. But, I am excited about our first three day “weekender” summer trip we have planned! We are heading up to Carmel, CA. Have you been there? We are going to tour a hotel we are staying at. Hit the art galleries, shops and of course the beautiful beaches and coastline.

We both are bringing our cameras. Packing overnighters and basics. If you haven’t traveled in California before I’m going to share a few things that you’ll need and actually great for traveling most places.

Style Guide

Must Haves for any overnighter trips

Braided Sun Hat | Lacie Oversized Vegan Weekender | Ban.Do Super Chill Watermelon Cooler Bag

When it comes to traveling for just a few days it’s important to just pare down to must need items. We often find when we over pack half the items we don’t even touch in the bag. It truly only makes our bags heavier.

Things we have learned is pick out your favorite casual outfit, a cami dress and stylish jeans. Add an extra fashionable shirt/ tank top/ tee to go with it.

If you know you’ll be headed to dinner take a dress that can be dressed up with jewelry and heels or can be worn with flats and a sweater. You’ll get dual purpose from it.

Style Guide

Beach Must Haves

Another thing we love to have is an cooler bag for the beach to keep our water, iced coffees and snacks cold. Pro tip: ban.do’s cooler bag not only keeps your drinks cool, it also doubles as an insanely cute purse. Your beach game just keeps on getting more and more epic.

We also keep a beach bag in the car with swim suits, towels, sunscreen, a blanket. This way we don’t have to lug it into the hotel where it won’t be needed.

Must Haves for any overnighter trips |Watermelon Scarf

A pretty scarf is always handy for having in your purse. You can use it for your hair or tie it around your neck if your cold.

Style Guide


Style Guide Overnight Beach Style

Cropped Striped Tee |Tie Front Pencil Skirt |Gladiator Sandal

It’s all about layering. It may start out foggy, yet wind up sunny and hot. Then at the end of the day end up windy as the fog blows back in. Our favorites are a hooded pullover sweatshirt that is comfy but, stylish. Or an oversized super soft and stylish zippered hoodie.

Our other must haves sunglasses and a pretty pair of sandals. If doing a lot of walking a gladiator sandal like this might be better. Be sure to break your new shoes and sandals in prior to your trips.

I can’t wait to share more about our mid week get away to Carmel and then all the lovely photos we plan on taking, when we get back.

What are your summer travel must haves?


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  1. Sounds fun! We’re not talking any trips this year, but I’d love to. That watermelon cooler is super cute.

    1. Hi Stacie, I know you can probably get a lot of day trips in living in the city. So much to do where you live. I agree, I loved it the moment I saw it.

    1. HI JoAnna, I’m hoping to get a new pair. My dog, when he was a puppy chewed on my nice leather sandals and I still haven’t replaced them. Luckily he only chewed the bottoms so they don’t look chewed. But, I’m over due. Flip flops aren’t great for when you want to look nice. lol

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