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This is the time of year where summer is winding down but, the weather is heating up again! Despite that we try to #AddSparkle to our days and family activities while beating the heat. From now until way past when school starts back for the kids we’ll be juggling the heat. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite ways to beat the heat of the long hot summer days that are left this year. But, no matter where you live I hope you find these tips helpful too! Because everyone should add sparkle to their day! Right?

I must admit that it isn’t easy staying indoors in the late summer. These tips will be sure to have you beating the heat, keeping a bit cooler and adding sparkle to your day!

sparkling water in a glass with blackberries and flowers next to it

  •  Start out early to get in your daily exercise prior to 10 a.m.
  • Get all the house straightening up out of the way prior to afternoon
  • Run any errands early so your groceries or other purchases don’t heat up in the trunk of your car
  • Close your house windows early to conserve cool air inside and keep heat out
  • Be prepared with library books, movies, games and crafts for indoor family entertainment and fun!

flowers in a vase next to a glass of sparkling water_

  • Arrange flowers bring the outdoors in

With temperatures ranging from 103-115 degrees keeping indoors and cool is important but, I miss the outdoors this time of year. That’s why I love having flowers in my home! Whether I go out and pick some on my morning walks or pick some up when I run my errands it just adds that touch of nature into my home that I need and adds sparkle to my day.

sparkling water in a glass with lemon_

  • Journal or draw
  • Be sure to stay hydrated
  • Slice up lemons/limes to add to water drinks

As the day heats up staying hydrated is so important to keeping hydrated, healthy and cool. I usually stock up on sparkling waters tossing them into the fridge to have them chilled. Perfect for anytime. Add a favorite quote to your journal or illustrate it, it’s always nice to think positive.

two glasses of sparkling water

  • Add fresh fruit into ice cube trays to make ice cubes, I’ve even used sparkling water for mine!
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily
  • Water only better is Sparkling Water.
  • Pick up limes, lemons or other fresh fruits to add to your flavored carbonated water giving it a splash of extra flavor. Wash, slice and even freeze them into ice cubes to make your drinks even more refreshing and cold.

Don’t forget you can pre chill tempered glass in the freezer for a short time giving it that frosted look and keeping your drink cooler longer. The flavored sparkling water are our favorite water drinks to beat the heat while keeping us hydrated!


I found my Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water Flavors at Walmart. Some of the flavors they carry: Original, Lemon Lime, Triple Berry and Pomegranate Cherry to name a few but, might vary by store.

Canada Dry sparkling water being poured into a glass_

Here is the location of the Canada Dry Sparkling Waters in our Walmart. I love that they carry seasonal fruits too. If your ready to head over to grab your own bottle of refreshing sparkling water you might enjoy this savings, so go ahead to head over to print this coupon.

Water and juices isle at Walmart_

How do you beat the heat, add sparkle to your day and have fun indoors when it’s hot outside?

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  1. This Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water is so delicious. I really like the flavor of the Triple Berry and it really does quench my thirst on these hot days of Summer.

  2. While our temperatures here in North GA have, thank goodness, reached the 100’s, it has still been an extremely hot and humid summer. To beat the heat we stay inside and play board and/or card games. We also watch movies. To add sparkle we bake cookies and brownies, I have not yet tried Canada Dry Sparkling Waters but I am looking forward to trying the Triple Berry and Pomegranate Cherry and the other seasonal fruits they have.

  3. I love this seltzer! That is pretty hot, I have to be outside at least part of the day, to walk to town and back. I keep covered up and you get used to the heat, but it isn’t that hot!!!

  4. It has been in the 90’s for weeks to which we are not used to and I many of days have to go sit at the mall to cool down. Most folks don’t have A/C and we do not in our home which gets to be over 100 degrees in the house on hot days which makes me really sick. I drink water all day long to stay hydrated but wish the weather wasn’t so hot.

  5. definitely stay hydrated, I would die if temps were that high though!! I’m on the coast so it’s a rare day that gets into the 90s 🙂

  6. I love the sparkling fruit ice cubes, great way to natural flavor your drink, very different then a plain old ice cube, would be great to entertain with at a party.

  7. Great tips! I like the adding of fruit to your ice cubes. I have not tried Canada Dry, but it looks refreshing.

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