Dream Of A Sparkling Home? Organic Cleaning Works!

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Do you know that moment the season appears to be changing? The light in your home is brighter. The sun rises a bit earlier and stays longer. Birds start chirping. Then all of a sudden you see every dust bunny or spot that needs cleaning. Although you may want to grab your coffee and put cleaning off at some point you have to clean. I love sharing cleaning tips to make the job easier and safer.

Are you the type of person that keeps their home spit spot all year long? Or do you really get into tackling cleaning with your spring cleaning? Today I am sharing natural cleaning products that will help you no matter what kind of cleaner you are!

We all hate cleaning, don’t we? Well, maybe not everyone. But, when the cleaning is done everything is so fresh, smells amazing and has fewer germs. Right?! Here are some cleaning challenges we might face daily without knowing it.

What is the price we pay to our family, pets, environment? What if the cleaning products we are using is harmful?

  • You know that there are cleaning products that are safer to use, more natural and have germ-fighting without harsh chemicals. I like to try organic cleaning products. Don’t you?
  • Even better is when you find some that do the job great!


Organic Cleaning Products 

Cleaning Products |Murchison-Hume organic natural cleaning products

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Keeping your house clean

First off I have to admit I do Not have the perfect showcase home. As a matter of fact, I drool over decor blogs thinking why can’t my home look this good?? Be this clean?? I’m creative, organized but, always have projects going on. Plus we are remodeling. That means messy areas! With that said, I do have areas of my house that I must have clean all the time. When I say clean I mean germ-free too. My daily key focus is on high use areas.

The areas are the kitchen, bathroom and main living space including the dining area. I like these areas to be clean and germ-free. We like staying healthier all year long. What about you? Let me introduce some organic cleaning products that might make your life better, easier and cleaner. Without hurting the environment, your family or pets.

Cleaning Products | natural | Organic | Murchison-Hume ladies bathroom cleaner

Natural Cleaning Products

Merchison-Hume Products

The Murchison -Hume line was created by a fashion editor and mom of two. Her son had sensitivities to common household cleaning products. Her mission then became to create safe products that were highly effective. Let me share a few facts about the cleaning product line that are made in the USA. The products are not animal tested, they are 188% cruelty free.

  • 99% or more natural, free of ammonia s, bleach, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates ( I know that’s a lot right!)
  • biodegradable after drain disposal
  • They have a dog care line too! (I need to try this next!) “Best in Show” products are scented with essential oils ( I love my dog Rex but, by week 3 of no bath he can get stinky and his bed is by ours, uk!)

Refill and bulk options are available for their cleaning products.

Cleaning Products Natural | Organic |Murchison-Hume

Merchison-Hume Product Review

The products I had the chance to try was the starter kit which included:

  • Bathroom cleaner: Loved this ladies cleaner for making tile, toilet and sink faucet shine. It worked nicely. I found it tackled slight hard water build up around the faucet area when left on. They have a boys cleaner too! perfect if you have separate powder rooms. 
  • Glass cleaner: Did the job just as expected and more talk about shine. It goes on a little more watery than traditional brands. Work it around with your cloth then it finishes amazing. I liked it. 
  • Everyday Furniture & Upholstery cleaner: I used this on the dining room chairs after my toddler grandchild had left me caked on messes. You know who comes first. Then I followed the directions testing colorfastness, proceeded to clean. On caked on areas I really got it wet. It seriously got all the grimy food mess up. I need to give some to my girls for their chairs. 
  • Effortless Floor cleaner: This is a concentrated spot cleaner. You need to dilute it and use it on the flooring if washing. It worked really well with my Swiffer! I have wood and tile floors areas and they looked really pretty when done. 
  • Spit & Polish Stainless Steel cleaner: This worked just as expected and gave stainless steel a pretty shine. It works equally good to the nonorganic brand I had previously used. 
  • Counter safe all-purpose cleaner: I don’t have marble, granite or stone but, it worked good on tile, faucet, and door knobs. It has an antibacterial. 

Which came with a handy Murchison-Hume reusable tote. This starter kit retails for $59. 

Cleaning Products | Murchison-Hume Review before and after with organic cleaning products

Here are a few images of some of the cleaning that I did with the products to give you an idea of how they worked. I have to say I love them. Not only are the bottles sturdy, but they are also pretty and the ingredients worked really good. The wet spot is the chair drying, as you can see in the areas that didn’t need heavy cleaning it dries nicely and worked well. For each individual item, review see above next to the product mentioned. 

  • I did receive the set of Murchison-Hume from MomsMeet and their sponsor for free to facilitate my review. All honest opinions, text, and images are 100% my own.

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Which of these organic cleaning products would you like to try first??

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  2. I struggle with finding a good window/mirror cleaner. I have made the switch from traditional cleaning products to more organic options! Can’t tolerate the chemical smells anymore.

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