How to Clean Leather And Restore Leather

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As you might have read earlier in the year we were starting to go through our house room by room organizing and doing some spring cleaning. It’s amazing what a little de-cluttering and cleaning can do for your productivity, mindset. Then I started taking stalk of items that needed to be replaced, re-purposed or trashed. I have had this leather sofa set for quite a few years now. It’s dulling, got quite a few cat-scratches on it and two pieces are looking a little worn. Today I’m sharing an easy DIY improvement project which will help anyone with leather goods. 

When I have cleaned my leather sofa I never really have purchased good leather cleaners or conditioners. I just don’t think it rang that must have bell with me. And honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed about the condition this piece (my leather ottoman) had gotten to. The great thing is I had the chance to try some leather products that were new to me!

I am excited to share the leather cleaning tips with you! Because you might not have known how to clean leather either. 

Sofas, boots, purses, baseball gloves, jackets line them up to get them back into shape. I couldn’t believe how the leather conditioner restored the shine and supple nature of the leather! Now I’m usually a busy person with many projects going on and driving a teen around but when I find something that works like a charm this Cinderella is sharing to make your spring cleaning easier! What’s not to love having your leather in your home look like you live in a castle. (When the reality is your not! Well at least in my case.)

How to Clean Leather

  1. When you purchase something leather be sure to see usage care for your leather product
  2. Even determine what type of leather you have and how to care for it as you can see leather can scratch easily and if not cared for properly can be damaged
  3. Always avoid direct sunlight to minimize drying and cracking
  4. Always use soft cloths or attachments if vacuuming
  5. If something spills on your leather item clean and dry it immediately
  6. Do not use harsh cleaners or products on leather surfaces

How I cleaned and restored my leather sofa and ottoman

(Before is the top image – you can see the surface nicks, scratches and dirt. The after is shown in the bottom photo.)

Spring cleaning Tips Before - After of Leather Ottoman using Leather Nova Cleaning and Conditioning Products

Maybe I was hurting my leather couch, by the way, I was caring for it and didn’t even realize it. I probably should have read about how to clean our leather sofa set sooner. Lesson learned! 

How To Restore Leather

First clean, then restore with a conditioner following these easy steps;

  1. The leather cleaner, I used it comes with a soft towel or applicator sponge
  2. I just followed the directions on the bottle to spray it on, wipe in a circular motion.
  3. If needed let it set on the surface 2-3 minutes, then remove with the soft cloth
  4. Next, I followed the directions on the leather conditioner and waited an hour prior to using furniture

Spring Cleaning Tips Cleaned and Restored before - after leather Ottoman

I should have thought about how I was taking care of my furniture sooner! Especially having kids and pets. After seeing the results I am excited to get new life into my furniture.

If I could have pulled my full sofa into the sunnier room to take photos I would have. Not only did the cleaner clean the dirt, spills, and grime from the sofa and ottoman it restored its natural sheen and luster. Plus took out minor surface scratches. This is the same piece of furniture as shown above. I was amazed at how well it worked. I love my leather sofa set and am glad we can use and enjoy how it looks after cleaning and conditioning it.

Spring Cleaning Tips | Clean and Restore Leather

Let me tell you a little about the leather cleaning products which I highly recommend for spring cleaning your leather (their packaging has been updated since this review) 

How this leather cleaner works

Leather Nova Leather Cleaner is a new premium cleaner that deeply penetrates the leather pores to remove dirt, grime, and oil. It is a safe formula that can be used on all types of leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Unlike other leather cleaners, it does not contain any harsh detergents or toxic ingredients that dry out the leather and speed up the aging process.

How the leather conditioner works 

Leather Nova conditioner provides safe and durable protection for all leather and vinyl surfaces by using high-grade polymers which restore the leather to its original sheen. Monthly use maintains its natural suppleness and restores a rich leather fragrance. It leaves a non-greasy finish, unlike other leather conditioners. Leather Nova Leather Conditioner and Cleaner provide effective and deep cleaning of all types of leather and vinyl surfaces. While removing dirt and stains from the leather surfaces, it also conditions and adds the vital nutrients to the leather to make it soft and supple. It includes only premium ingredients which clean, enrich, restore and protect your leather. It gives a non-greasy finish to avoid dust accumulation and prevent premature drying and cracking.
I decided it would be best to use the two-step process of first using the leather cleaner and then the leather conditioner since I learned I probably have never cared for my leather couch set the way I should of. What’s great is there is the option to purchase the dual purpose conditioner and cleaner. I know I’ll be using the products on my car’s leather seats which get really dry from the heat we get here in Central, CA. 
If you have leather purses, boots, jackets, sofas, saddles and tack, leather car interiors or any other leather items be sure you are using the proper cleaning and conditioning products to extend their life.
  • Find out more about Leather Nova or these cleaning products?! If you have leather I can highly recommend them from trying and seeing the results myself. 

What is truly great about these leather products

  • 90-day guarantee
  • Various sets come with a cloth or sponge for application
  • Reasonable prices and made in the USA

Today’s post was brought to you by BrandBacker this is my own experience and 100% honest opinions of how the Leather Nova products worked for me. I hope if you use them you see the same great results! These are my own text and images. 

 What leather items do you have that need cleaning and restoring? 

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