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Fall Winter Cleaning Tips, Must Have’s + Free Cleaning Checklists E-Book!

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Do you hate cleaning? But, know you need to get it done or ready for fall, the holidays and entertaining season. Today I am sharing DIY home cleaning tips, home organization tips to get your house ready for fall quickly, and easily. I created a cleaning checklist for fall and winter. You can grab the fall cleaning printable checklists I put it into an e-book to help you get your home ready for fall. 

  • At the end of today’s post is how to grab your free 9 page E-book

Free Printable Fall Cleaning Checklists E-book 

This post was originally sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com all content, and opinions are my own. 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do for your home? Sometimes I feel we are so busy we can’t keep up with all the up keep our home needs. My husband works long hours, my teen in tons of activities, and me, well I’m busy with everything under my umbrella. Do you ever feel like rain is pouring down on you? Can you relate?

And then it’s time to get ready for fall and winter. Winterizing your home and getting ready for the cold or entertaining is no joke. 

What are easy ways to clean, and organize for fall?

Cleaning Checklist grab this 7 page fall cleaning checklist at DearCreatives.com You'll love how this will help save you time & prepare you for fall inside and outside your home.

The solution, tackle the things you can, and have checklists to make the fall home chores not as overwhelming, and gives you a cleaning plan.

  • Focus on certain areas, one area at a time
  • If you are having company for the holidays give your self plenty of time to deep clean
  • Prior to the holidays, work on your checklist which breaks down areas around your home

Now for the tips, and cleaning supplies that will help make your home’s cleaning, and organization so much easier! 

Do you hate cleaning?

I have a love-hate relationship with cleaning. Yes, I will rather be doing other things. But, I know if I tackle things a little every day, and a bit more on weekends life is so much smoother. And my house so much cleaner! It really feels good when the house is clean. Don’t you think? 

How do you clean your house in 30 minutes?

Use our checklist to get your home clean. Then you can breeze through daily top cleaning, getting your cleaning done quickly. Tackle bigger projects on the weekend or when you have more time.

How to get your cleaning done quickly, and easier!

Do you hate cleaning Do it quickly and easier with these tips, supply ideas, and FREE 9 page checklists. Perfect for fall and winter. Grab it and the cleaning tips at DearCreatives.com

One of the things that happens’ this time of year, is we go from super hot days to cold nights. Temperatures drop from the ’90s to the 40’s. A solution for making your home more comfortable, while saving energy (and money) is by using Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Kits.

The Duck® brand Roll-On® Window Kits product is great for stopping drafts and creates window insulation that you can see through.

kitchen counter with cleaning supplies ready for cleaning the kitchen DIY cleaning tips DearCreatives.com

I mounted the Sponge Caddy, with Scrub Daddy in the kitchen, and have been using it to clean with daily, it is gentle enough for non-stick cookware. Scour Daddy comes with 3 in the package, they are different colors so I know which one I’ve used for my baseboards or other cleaning projects. 

Do you ever get mold in your bathroom? There are ways to help prevent mold. Remove excess water after using your shower, and run your bathroom fans. If you have tile or tub kits make sure your grout lines are sealed. You can mount Sponge Caddy in the shower, with a scour Daddy. This tool easily adheres securely to any clean smooth surface. Wipe down surfaces often, removing excess moisture.

Other ways the Scour Daddy can be used; washing baseboards, windows, in the kitchen, stovetops, and for outdoor cleaning (grills, railings…).

How to clean your sports gear

When this season’s sports are done we wash and put away gear until the next season. Then we pull out the new season’s gear. We store my daughter’s sports items in a clothing storage bin on a shelf on top of her closet. Always making sure that everything is 100% clean, and dry prior to storage. 

Dirty sports clothes ready to be pre treated and washed with Molly's Suds grab these cleaning tips and more at DearCreatives.com

Before pre-treating and washing with Molly’s Suds

For us, the tennis season is ending for Sammie. We are washing her sports tennis outfits, and tucking them away for next year. They are quite dirty after she plays games, which is 3 separate matches back to back. They were so dirty, in the armpits, hat front, and back. The skirt’s undershorts have white too. She has been wearing them all season. They are gross, no offense. Despite prior washings. 

I am pulling out hoodies for track, coats, sweaters, and jackets. We just tried Molly’s Suds All Sport laundry soap, it’s supposed to be great for athletic wear. I have given it the test, let me just say the whites are so white, as if I bleached them, and look good as new. But, the pre-treat isn’t harsh like bleach, and good for colors too. It only took 1 scoop per load. Since it’s all-purpose I’ll be using this for our leggings, and workout clothes too. I didn’t alter, auto correct photos as I wanted you to see it for yourself. (I am still using this product since I tried it for her tennis and track sports clothing) 

  • This is a certified cruelty-free product and certified Vegan.


Cleaned sports clothes for tennis, and track. Pre-treated with and washed with Molly's Suds. See cleaning tips and more DearCreatives.com

After  pre-treating, and washing with Molly’s Suds

How to clean your floors daily without damaging them

Dirty floors Puppies How to easily clean your floors without harming them. Grab these cleaning tips, and more at DearCreatives.com

Meet Luna, the newest addition we adopted her recently

Do you have pets? Or Kids? Teens? Grandkids? Or non-carpet surfaces for your floors? We have pets (2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bird) and as much as I love them all; their little, and big paws track a lot of dirt, grass or mud indoors over our floors.

How to clean wood floors

  • First, sweep or vacuum.
  • Then grab a good Eco-friendly mop 
  • The new one I tried is O-Cedar’s ProMist Max Spray Mop, is a quick cleaning tool, having one is important for daily cleaning and touch-ups.
  • Spray your natural cleaner
  • Go over areas that need cleaning
  • I love that it picks up fine hairs or dirt missed when sweeping

For me, I clean my heavy traffic floor areas daily. And sometimes, even have to touch up my floors. Occasionally, if needed I use a polish.

Wood floors before-after using O-Cedar's ProMist Max Spray Mop, and natural floor cleaner made for wood floors. See all the cleaning tips

Features I love for cleaning floors with O-Cedar’s ProMist Max Spray Mop 

  • It’s microfiber, the mop head can be washed up to 100 times (the duster is good sized)
  • You can use your own cleaning solution (DIY Floor Cleaners)
  • I like using my favorite natural cleaner, it’s all natural, specifically formulated for hardwood floors. It’s also safe for laminate, and tile floors. 
  • The spray trigger is easy to squeeze, sprays a wide area from the bottom black button just over microfiber head

Since my entire home is wood laminate, and tile I’ve been around the block with how to keep them looking pretty, and touching them up without damaging them. Try this high traffic polish, if you need to polish or restore your wood or wood laminate floors. Both are safe to use around pets, and kids but, as with all cleaners keep them out of the reach of children. 

After cleaning the floors, we have grout tiles in our entryway. They really take a beating. I would love to clean the grout and have tiles to stay clean. But, that’s not going to happen. Need to clean yours too? Reach for Grout Gator. You can clean 2 to 8 grout lines at once, brush heads fit tile sizes from 2″ to 13″. 

ordor eliminating all purpose cleaner and ordor eliminator Power OE

Since we are on the topic of pets. Can I say, stink happens? Being indoors more you need an odor eliminator for pet beds, areas… We have found PowerOE works great for pet areas, kitchen trash cans, sports items. Why do we love this product? PowerOE is Dye-free, and available in scents using natural essential oils or fragrance-free. If you visit the link you can get a 2-ounce sample to try out. 

I have made a fall checklist, similar to my spring checklist to help you. But, as I was making it decided to update and improve my home’s cleaning checklist. That’s how I came up with My 9- page E-book   It covers: Fall indoor checklists / Fall outdoor checklist, plus the improved cleaning checklist for bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. All included. There is even a page where you can add your to do’s to the list if needed. With space for making your cleaning supply “needs” list. Don’t forget to grab your discounts if you need any of the supplies we shared to make your fall cleaning easier. 

Outdoor Fall Checklist 

  1. Clean Windows, fix any cracks in frames, touch up paint
  2. Clean out your rain gutters
  3. Clean furnace filters, and vents (replace if needed) 
  4. Clean outside, and inside of fireplaces, hire someone to clean inside 
  5. Prep your yard (clearing out leaves, fallen branches, trimming bushes, vines, roses, prep lawns for fall/winter)
  6. Clean grills, and get them ready for storage
  7. Fix or replace loose fencing
  8. Check grout on walkways, fill cracks
  9. Make sure your water heater, and outdoor pipes are insulated
  10. Replace outdoor light bulbs

Indoor Fall Checklist

  1. Add new batteries to your smoke alarms
  2. Clean and, Weatherize your windows*
  3. Clean and prepare entryways (add a throw rug for wiping feet)
  4. Pull out, and wash jackets, sports gear (wash, and store ending seasons sports gear)
  5. Clean Slider Doors, frames, and dog door in/out flaps (add through rug for their feet near dog door)
  6. Clean out dryer lint pipe – vents. 
  7. Hose out the Cat box 
  8. Clean, de-odorize pet bedding, and pet areas
  9. Clean and organize kitchen counters, pantry. The sink area, if needed. 
  10. Deep Clean Bathroom: fan vent, shower curtain liners, behind the toilet, chalk shower/tubs

(The outdoor/indoor fall checklists are included in the free printable E-book)

FREE Printable Fall Cleaning Checklist E-BOOK

  1. Grab this 9-page E-book! Easy sign-up, and it’s yours for free.
  2. Confirm email, link to downloads, and zip files are sent to you in jpg. and PDF formats!
  3. With easy print options.

E-book value $9.99

How To Get Your Home Ready For Fall Tips, and Cleaning Checklists You can DIY your house to be ready for company. See them all at DearCreatives.com

Looking for more cleaning tips, or home organization help?

Don’t forget to bookmark this post for all your cleaning tips, and get your checklist.

What’s one tip you love that makes cleaning or organization easier? 

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