Closet Organization – How to Organize Your Closet

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Are you ready to clean and organize your closets? We said this is the year that we were going to focus on home organization. We are sharing tips and tools for how to organize your closet. Clearing out things that no longer have a purpose in your closet. Streamline things to make it easier for cleaning, more organized be more functional. Nobody likes tripping over boxes falling out, piles of clothes or excess shoes everywhere. Right?

How to Organize Your Closet

Having a clean closet is especially important to me as I am working from home. But even if you work outside the home or are take care of a family organization is important to family life. We are decluttering things we aren’t using so that someone else might be able to use those items. 

  • donating items
  • trashing junk
  • adding organization to the things we are keeping.

It’s crazy how easily things can get out of hand. 

If you want to read our first organization post and come back after you can by starting here, or you can read this and then see the first post. But, you’ll want to check it out as it covers organization, the pantry and has other organizational resources.

When starting make sure you give yourself 2-4 hours depending on how long it’s been and how much stuff is in your closet. We’d all like dream closets like the Kardashians or any celebrity but, the reality is we probably will never be any where close to having that dream closet. With a little planning, thinning out items you own and purchasing a few closet organization tools you’ll at least end up with a highly functional and organized closet.

Tips for organizing your closet 

Million Dollar Closets_Million Dollar Rooms via HGTV

Supplies to have before starting to organize your closet

  • Boxes for donations
  • Large trash bag for garbage
  • A Label Maker
  • Boxes with labels
  • Storage bins, baskets and containers
  • Hangers 

Don’t purchase excess storage containers! Start with a few basics and add to them as needed. If you have items that your not sure you should give it away create a pile for those items. Place in closet in a box or on hangers faced the wrong way if not used within 6 months donate those items Pull out items to be sorted one section or type at a time. Example: Sort shoes all at once, Sort work clothes all at once….This way you can see if you have duplicate items you might not need and can donate or are worn out that can be used for rags. 

Closet Organization Tools 

Closet Organization_dresser with baskets_ baskets_boxes_organization tools

Top Picks for organizing a closet

Purchase a  Shoe rack of some kind. Make sure it’s sturdy and durable. If you are limited on space you can purchase ones that hang over the back of a door. Boxes with labels are great for storing kids school work, awards or other things. Write what the items are on the label and slip them in place then stack boxes with labels facing out for viewing. I love baskets for scarves, belts and other grouped items such as clutches or smaller purses. If you have room in your closet a dresser with added drawers is a perfect choice for storing things such as seasonal clothing, sweaters or other items. Plastic boxes with lids are handy too! 

Closet Organization Must Haves

Closet Organizing Tools_Closet Organization

You want to get more out of your closet and hang your clothes properly. These are some essentials that can help you do just that! 

Closet Organization Tips

  1. Hang clothes according to type Example: business shirts are by color from light to dark, then sweaters light to dark , slacks…. Grouping items throughout your closet
  2. Hangers all facing the same way toward the back (unless you are not sure if you will use that item hang it opposite and if you use it flip it to the right way if not in six months give it away)
  3. Using all the same type of hangers helps things stay organized, stay in place and look neater
  4. Have someone help you then if you are second guessing yourself they can give you a second opinion and even help it go faster

I hope these tips help you get started on organizing your closet!

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Looking for more home organization tips? 

What organizing have you been doing? Or are you in the planning stage? 

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    1. Hi Lauren, Oh my gosh yes, I know how you feel! Ours was a mess. I had our painting/yard clothes in a basket. Too many shoes, stuff we didn’t use. It is now ready to have the floor finally put in it. I’ll just have to move the shoe rack, file cabinet & a few suit cases to tackle that and put them back. Now, it’s all color organized, hung nicely and little things in baskets. So much better. Good luck & let me know how yours reorganization goes!

  1. These are great tips! I am an organizing freak and really love for things to be in order. My clothes are organized by type and by color. My husbands on the other hand… well, they start in order but it would be a daily task to keep them that way!:)

    1. Hi Joanna, I guess I’m lucky in the sense that the Mr.’s job is in construction and his really nice clothes are only occasionally worn. They stay pretty neat. It’s the shirt drawer that gets messy. hehe But, on my FB page I shared a great tip for that!

  2. I just took on the massive task of organizing my closet earlier and wow! I thought I was going to drown in the middle of all the chaos. I am glad that I finally got it taken care of but I wish I would have found this psot sooner.

    1. Hi R.D. Oh, that sounds like ours when we started. I was dreading it. Next I have to tackle my daughters. Seems like it can be never ending sometimes. lol Thanks for stopping by & hope to see you again soon.

  3. I just reorganized my closet over Christmas. I love using Large Utility Tote from 31 and their My Way Bins with the lids. They were lifesavers when it came or organizing things!

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