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Grab Green Household Products Review & Giveaway!

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Who loves cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly?! This gets me excited when I have the opportunity to try new organic, green, eco-friendly products. See how they work cleaning our home. What’s great about these? They are natural, which is they are better for us, our pets, kids and the environment. Today’s products we are sharing and reviewed are made by Grab Green.

Grab Green line is non-toxic laundry and home care products. Their mission is to be as good or even better than leading brands. But, also be eco-responsible along with healthier. I’m going to break down the line of Grab Green household eco-friendly products that I tried and share what they are about! And how they worked for us.

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Grab Green

Cleaning Supplies Grab Green Review Discount and Giveaway

But, before we get started you’ll have the chance later in the post to enter to try to win your own sample set! Not to worry if you don’t win. You can try the products with a reader discount for a limited time!

Cleaning Supplies

Grab Green Green Cleaning Supplies Product details

Cleaning Supplies Grab Green Review

First off there is no animal testing with Grab Green products. They use reduced recyclable packaging. The products come premeasured. There are no dyes, glycols, phosphates, chlorine…… Grab Green is available in fragrance-free and options scented with essential oils.

First a few facts, then my thoughts on the products.

Grab Green Products

Cleaning Products Grab Green

Grab Green 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods

  • Naturally derived detergent that is gentler on your skin. Benefits deep cleaning, removing stains and brighter whites/colors.

Grab Green Bleach Alternative Pods

  • Laundry boosters and pre-treating that helps brighten colors and whites. This product can also be used to clean grout and carpet stains!

Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods

  • Are great for getting your dishes clean, removing grease and grime.

Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner

  • Good for removing odors, preventing clogging and loosening grime!

Grab Green Review

Cleaning Supplies - Emptying the dishwasher

Our thoughts on the Grab Green Products

Honestly, I didn’t see any differences comparing Grab Green to my previously used cleaning supplies/product brand (s). I was already using a scent free laundry soap and the results matched. I thought it was equally as good as the name brand product that I was using.

I typically use a pre-spray /wash for hard to get stains and don’t bleach my whites. So, I can not really compare the laundry booster. But, I can say that it made my laundry clean and I mixed my whites and colors. It seemed to work fine.

I did like the laundry pods they got the job done just like the unscented laundry soap I use. 

The dishwashing pods worked well and left no spots!! I liked the pods a lot. This is a biggie for me, I hate spotted glasses; the dishes and glasses were shiny and clean! It was comparable to a national brand. 

I’m all about keeping my garbage disposal fresh and working right. We had old disposal and had to replace ours recently. No fun! I loved the disposal freshener /cleaner which is scented with tangerine, lemongrass, and bergamot. I love how it made it smell nice. I keep my disposal cleaned out every time I use it, with that said not sure how the cleaning aspect works as mine is new too.

Cleaning Supplies Grab Green Dishwasing pods

  • I really felt like these cleaning supplies matched what they said they would do. My favorite products were the dishwashing pods, laundry pods and garbage disposal freshener /cleaner. The big bonus: They are green products!!!

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