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It’s been years since we started on the trek to being more organized. In all aspects of our home. I have to be honest here, it hasn’t been easy. The Mr. loves to go to yard sales, my daughter has been handed down some great books/games/toys… And then there is me with my craft/sewing stuff… Even paperwork. Gah! But the worst thing for me is tackling keeping the pantry organized. As a home cook, it’s topping my list.

Where to being with home organization? What’s the solution? 

Well, at first it was just drooling over super organized people’s Pinterest boards. Then the coffee kicked in with the reality check! It has to happen, home organization is something I have to focus on in my home! What about you?

Get Your Home and Pantry Organized! 

How to get your home organized?

First, get rid of stuff in the home we aren’t using. Then reorganize what is staying. IF something comes into the home we donate something. 

Today I thought I’d share some simple tips that are helping me on my journey to an organized home. Specifically focusing on the kitchen pantry today but, you can see past organization posts at the end of this post. Hopefully, these tips will help you!

If you have any great tips be sure to comment with tips here on the blog or on Facebook. Plus, send me your favorite pins! (@TheresaHuse) on Pinterest. Yes, I’m not too proud to ask for help. If I had my way I’d hire a pro to help get my house in order. But, I think I can do it myself. And you can do it yourself. If I can do it so can you! Right? Fist pump!

  • This is the first in a series for this year of posts dedicated to easy home organization tips and ideas.

Tips for Being More Organized 

Home Organization 101_Cleaning and Organizing Tips and tips for maximizing your pantry storage © 2015

The benefits of an organized house

  • The benefit of an organized house is being able to find what you need when you need it
  • Having clear counter spaces to prep, cook…
  • Eliminating clutter and unused items, clear up space
  • Clean up time is quicker

Honestly, the list could go on! I’ve read books on Feng Shui and always have thought if my home and life could be simplified, I know that it could make a difference in my life. There are basic concepts to Feng Shui that you can apply without having to get deep into its philosophies. 

  • Have a clear path in your entry areas
  • Clutter must be cleared on a regular basis
  • Avoid having neglected areas in your home (like my pantry, closet and kid’s room!)

Have you read Marie’s Kondo’s Book? Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Simple Tips for pantry organization

  • Take out any can or boxed foods that you know you won’t use (we like to donate these items)
  • Toss any expired canned or boxed foods, spices…
  • Get baskets, containers, lazy Susan s, to organize smaller items together in groups (spices, baking supplies, soup mixes, bullion cubes, gravy mixes…) 
  • Wipe down the pantry area before putting it all back

home organization to maximize your storage space-pantry organizing shelving

 My top three picks for helping our pantry be more efficient are

This past weekend we tackled our pantry but, realized we needed to purchase a few items to really have it more organized. Our pantry is narrow and deep. If your looking to update yours these might be perfect for you too. There are several sizes of these options available (online only) at Target. When we complete re-do our pantry I’ll be sure and share. I’ll be lining our shelves with a contemporary, washable non-adhesive liner. 

How to organize chip bags?

Clip those bags and organize them together! 

home organization pantry storage tips clips on potato chip bags organized in a container_© 2015

I love adding all the snacks in a plastic pull out container or basket. This makes it easy for everyone to grab what they want, keep it neat and put it back to one set place. I usually have a container of granola bars and other healthy snacks for rushed mornings. Don’t underestimate the power of a good set of chip clips! My two favorites are Twixit  and OXO Good Grips 8-Piece Clip Set

How do you organize cupcake liners?

Storage solution for cupcake liners 

Storage jar with cupcake liners_© 2015 DearCreatives.com_Theresa Huse

I bake quite a bit and I have quite a few cupcake liners. I love pretty vintage styled jars. I grabbed one and added our extra cupcake liners to them. They stay neat, clean and ready to use! Perfect for anytime cupcake making. 

home organization pantry tips to maximize your space jar and cupcake liners

As you see a few good products can make things easier! Plus in some cases prettier! This weekend we are tackling our bedroom closet. I’m hoping to have a more organized home by the end of the month or at least a jump on it! Be sure to follow along so you don’t miss out with more easy tips and ideas for organizing your home.

 Are you organizing or reorganizing right now? 

Sprucing up things?

Visit  Target see what new to organize your home.

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