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Want To Be A Greener Cleaner? Frosch “Green” Cleaning Products Review

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When it comes to cleaning I have a regular routine along with a daily quick clean. I have to admit I could buy more products that are organic in nature, “green”. Especially since my lifestyle has always included a love of nature. When asked if I’d like to try Frosch cleaning product line I jumped at the chance. Today I am sharing a few samples of their product line, what they can do for you when cleaning your home while being more environmentally friendly. Plus, our cleaning tips for using them while cleaning your house. 

I hope this review helps you consider products that are better for the environment and learn something about the Frosch brand of cleaning products. I have to admit I do my deepest cleaning prior to company coming and when I do big seasonal cleaning. 

My cleaning schedule includes daily cleaning due to having pets and kids. And, I also deep clean at least once a week. Do you have a daily cleaning routine?

Frosh Cleaning Product Review 

Organic Cleaning Products

  • Frosch brand has been around since 1986, they wanted to make a more environmentally friendly product.

Frosch Cleaning Products

My biggest problem when it comes to cleaning is being in the middle of a never-ending remodel. Our countertops Are the worst needing replacement. The water here is full of calcium, minerals and broken in spots.

The first product was Frosch All-Purpose Baking Soda Cleaner. How would it stand up next to my bleach cleaning?

Job: To tackle my counter tiles and grout lines. I can’t wait until they are gone (removed) but, in the meantime would love them to stay cleaner.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips 

How to clean tile grout 

Frosch All Purpose Cleaner Baking Soda

I cringe every time I see my counters. I sprayed Frosch baking soda with cleaner on the tiles and grout lines. I let it set in a little bit. Then took a cleaning toothbrush, and cleaned with a rag and went along. I didn’t spend a ton of time. There is no editing to these photos. I had to say I was pretty impressed with this product!

  • Frosch Baking Soda All-Purpose Cleaner provides powerful cleaning of most washable household surfaces with a pleasant, fresh scent. The natural active ingredients make this product ideal and safe for kitchen use.

Frosch Organic Cleaning Products

Being someone who enjoys cooking and does a lot of it. Grease is a common factor when working in the kitchen. Frosch has a product for that. The Universal Cleaner. I was excited to break this open to try. I love that it sanitizes too. Which is really important to me.

  •  Frosch Lavender Universal Cleaner cleans and sanitizes floors and most washable surfaces in the household. This Powerful formula with lavender removes grease and dirt and offers reliable and residue-free cleaning.

Cleaning the bathroom

Frosch Cleaning Products and Toilet cleaner

My least favorite house cleaning job is cleaning the toilets. Although, when it’s done, it’s done. What’s your least favorite cleaning job?Frosch Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner has a strong lemon/cleaning scent. It did a nice job and stood up to products at are non-eco friendly.

I love cleaning our big bathroom mirrors to see them shine. The product works just like the brand I typically buy, again not eco-friendly. I sigh. But, now I know I can do better for the environment. Come spring I’ll really love using this product on the windows.

Cleaning Dishes 

The dishwashing liquid I tried was the Pomegranate Dishwashing Liquid. It had a lovely scent, foamed just fine, although it was a bit thinner than the typical brand I use. But, it seemed to work just fine. I also tried it for cleaning out my paintbrushes and it worked just fine.

  • Frosch Dishwashing Liquid is a vegan moisturizing hand dishwashing liquid that works efficiently and is gentle on your skin. • Dermatologically tested to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, Frosch Dishwashing Liquid is pH-skin neutral. 
  • Frosch Pomegranate Dishwashing Liquid contains pomegranate extracts that soothe and moisturize the skin and provide an effective clean with its optimal grease and dirt dissolving power.
  •  Frosch Aloe Vera Dishwashing Liquid is ideal for people with sensitive skin due to the calming effects of the Aloe Vera extracts, which help to maintain the moisture balance of the skin while cleaning your dishes and leaving a mild and fresh scent.

Organic Cleaning Products Final Thoughts

My two favorite products from the line up I tried was the All Purpose Baking Soda Cleaner and Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner. But, I can honestly say that I can easily switch to using any of these products. Being “green” is important to me. I’m happy to say these organic cleaners are spot on.

I received these products to facilitate my review from MomsMeet and Frosch. As always, these are my 100% honest opinions. My opinions may not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

Organic “green” Cleaning Products

Frosch Cleaning Products

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Have you tried any Frosch cleaning products?

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  1. I am loving my Frosch cleaning kit. All of these products work really well and I love the fact that it’s not so harsh. Love your pics!

    1. Hi Stacie, Thanks for stopping by. I agree, they are not harsh for environment but do a great job. Glad you had the chance to sample them. Thanks for the compliment.

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