Must-Have Baking Tools + Essentials For Baking Season

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I’m sharing a list of baking tools to help you make pies and baked goods. Why? Because it’s baking season y’all! This means you are going to need these supplies for all your baking recipes and sweat-treat recipes.

I am going to go over the best baking tools, essentials, gadgets, and utensils to use and their benefits. We hope this helps you when baking and makes things easier in the kitchen. Happy Baking Season! Hey you guys – Are you team Apple or team Pumpkin?

Baking Tools 

These are some of the essential baking tools every home baker should own. In the list are tools for making pies and other baked goods. 

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Fall is the perfect time for baking apple desserts like apple muffinsbrown sugar apple cake or pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin spice desserts. 

Must-Have Baking Tools 

This is a list of some of our favorite essential baking tools. The best pie baking tools. Some of these gadgets and tools you can use in other baking recipes. 

  1. Apple Corer
  2. Apple Peeler with Suction Cup Base (heavy-duty)
  3. Lemon Squeezer
  4. Pastry Cutter
  5. Rolling Pin (adjustable) (traditional)
  6. Non-slip Silicone Pastry Mat Extra Large with Measurements
  7. Classic Pie Pan (in 5 colors)
  8. Pie Weights
  9. Pastry Brush
  10. Pocket Pie Crimper
  11. Silpat
  12. Sheet Pan 
  13. Baking Dish
  14. Zester
  15. Pie Server
  16. Mixing Bowls
  17. Hand Mixer
  18. Kitchen Aid Mixer
  19. Immersion Hand Mixer
  20. Apron

How to use these baking essentials

These are my favorite baking tools and what they are used for. 

The must-haves may vary depending on what you make but, if you are making anything with flour and butter you will need a pastry cutter. It makes mixing the ingredients together much easier than using a fork. If you get a recipe that calls for you to sift your flour you will need a sifter

I have an apple slice wedger with corer I love it when making apple pies or apple hand pies. When we had apple trees we used the apple peeler now, I just use a paring knife to peel the apples since typically I don’t peel over 8 apples at a time. First I peel my apples, then slice and core with the slice wedger tool. Squeeze lemon over the apples to keep them from browning. (that’s where the lemon squeezer comes in handy)

Must haves tools for making pies and pastries

Are you baking pies? A good rolling pin is a must and a non-slip mat with measurements makes creating the perfect size pie crust a breeze! The key to rolling your dough is spreading flour over your roller prior to rolling out your pastry dough, and adding a little flour over the top of the dough you are rolling out. 

Another must-have is a pie dish or pie pan and pastry brush. Most pastry dough calls for the dough to have an egg wash or sometimes melted butter brushed over the top. 

Have you made hand pies? 

pies recipe. We walk you through the steps to making this easy recipe. You will love baking this for treat anytime you have apples to bake. See how, and recipe at DearCreatives.com

Apple Hand Pies

A handy tool for hand pies is this pocket pie crimper

Will you be making pumpkin pies or banana pies you will want a good masher or immersion hand mixer I just use a masher since I have a hand mixer and Kitchen Aid Mixer (both hand and stand mixer?) But, it would be handy to have an immersion hand mixer for other recipes that need creaming such as soups. 

Tee Shirts For Bakers 

Bakers Gonna Bake 

Cute baking tee shirts to wear while baking

Bakers Gonna Bake | Bake Like A Boss | Bake Stuff and Watch Christmas Movies all-day

I love wearing cute tees and aprons when I bake! Do you?

Please note I didn’t start with all the baking tools at once. First I started with basic baking tools, and added to them each year or as I needed them. Now I have a huge drawer dedicated to all my baking supplies and cute tee shirts to wear while baking. 

Helpful baking tools for making cookies and cupcakes

One thing I couldn’t live without for baking cookies is my Silpat baking sheets. You lay them over the baking pan or sheet pan and don’t have to prepare the pan with non-stick spray. They are easy to wash and last a long time if you care for them properly. For my shortbread cookies, I have a cookie press Other tools for making cookies are your cookie cutters,, and cookie press

When making cupcakes my favorite tool is the dessert decorator plus but, if you are willing to pay a little bit more the dessert decorator pro is the one I’m investing in next and the sturdier of the two. It’s stainless steel and aluminum vs hard plastic. Both come with a variety of decorative piping tips. I’ve used mine for decorating cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. It’s easy to fill, use, and clean. I actually like it better than a pastry bag.

We hope these tips for how to stock your kitchen for baking will help you to start the baking season off right. 

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