How To Peel Peaches – Slice Peaches Easily And Quickly

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Recently we got the most beautiful peaches to make a peach pie. It dawned on me that I hadn’t taught Sammie how to peel peaches and slice them for a pie. I know I learned how to do peel peaches from my grandma, on my moms’ side of the family. She loved baking and having us by our side as kids.

Everyone might not know the basics of making a peach pie. I decided to share how to peel peaches and slice them for peach pie before sharing my peach pie recipe. I started out trying to take a few photos by myself. Ha! That didn’t last long, first due to the juiciness of the peaches. It’s just impossible to peel and click. Peeling peaches is a two-handed trick. Photo credits for peeling peaches go to Sammie.

How to Peel Peaches

How to peel peaches How to peel and slice peaches tips and tricks to quickly slice to prepare them for pies and desserts | No boil method of how to skin a peach

It might take a little practice if your new to peeling peaches or any fruits. But, I have a few tips. Having a sharp paring knife is very important. You will be running the blade of the knife just under the skin of the fruit; while holding the fruit and knife carefully.

How To Peel Peaches

Step by Step Guide for peeling peaches for baking, canning, cooking, or making desserts.

How to peel peaches for peach pie, cobbler or other desserts. Start with rinsed peaches in a colander

You do this by first washing your peaches in a colander and then letting them drip dry or pat them dry.

 How to cut a peach for peach pie, cobbler and desserts How To Cut A Peach start by cutting down and around the center of the peach and cut it in half and then into quarters

Next, you slice the peach in half and then quarters. To me, you will have much more control over peeling your peaches when they are smaller in size.

 How to cut a peach for peach pie, cobbler and desserts

Then start at the corner holding your peach carefully, not as shown above. Then slip your paring knife just under the top corner edge of your peach. I just wanted to give you an idea of starting at corner, get as close to the skin as you can.

 How to cut a peach for peach pie, cobbler and desserts

Slowly pull the knife toward you, as not to get near your fingers or any other part of your body.

 How to cut a peach for peach pie, cobbler and desserts

You’ll need to move your fingers as you move the knife toward the bottom of your fruit. Always keep them out of your way.

 How to cut a peach for peach pie, cobbler and desserts

For canning and jams, you can peel peaches without using a knife. By dipping them into boiling water for a few seconds, then icing and slipping the skins off. I put, the steps below in this post if you need that technique on how to skin a peach.

 How to cut a peach for peach pie, cobbler and desserts

You can see you balance the fruit with your knuckle behind the knife, on the fruit. And between your free hand. As you get to the end to adjust your grip and cut off the skin, allowing the peel to drop off.

How To Slice Peaches

 How to cut a peach for peach pie, cobbler and desserts n|How to cut and peel peaches for pie

I usually drop all my peeling straight into a colander or other container. If you have farm animals you can use them to feed pigs… Or add them to a compost pile, if possible. When your peaches are peeled move onto slicing them. Grab your cutting board.

How to slice peaches for pies

How to peel and slice peaches

Next, slice your peaches into thin, but not too thin of a slice. Keep your fingertips away from the area your slicing by curling your fingertips.

How to slice peaches for a pie. Peaches in a measuring cup

Most peach pies will call for 5-7 cups of sliced peaches. I use my measuring cups, then add them to my mixing bowl. It takes about 6-8 peaches depending on the size of the peaches. It may vary by size of the pie too. Example  8″, 9″ or 10″ pie dishes.

How to slice peaches | Sliced peaches in a bowl ready to make peach pie

I like to make sure the peaches are ripe but, not overly ripe. Slightly soft but, firm to the touch. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the yummy peach pie recipe!

Other ways to peel peaches

Another way to peel peaches; Which is useful if you are doing bunches, canning, or making refrigerator jam.

Easily remove peach skins by

  • Boiling water in a pot
  • Wash your peaches
  • Score the bottom of the peaches with an x using your paring knife
  • Dip washed, scored with an x on the top peaches into boiling water for about 30 seconds, using a big slotted spoon
  • Adding dipped peaches into ice water for a few minutes and remove them with your slotted spoon
  • Let cool, at least to touch before removing skins
  • Then peel off the skin with your hands by starting where you scored the x
  • Slice or cut up as needed
  • video how-to peel peaches if you still need help.
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Who taught you how to peel and slice peaches?

Now you are ready to make a peach pie! Or other peach recipes.

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