How to Make Baby Burping Cloths

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Today I am sharing sewing project that I made for my daughter and how to make baby burping cloths. We have a grand baby due in May. You know babies, they are precious and sweet. Babies need to be burped a lot! I started working on homemade burping cloths. 

The burping cloths make great gifts for baby shower, are easy to make, and can be pretty as well as be functional. When the baby grows out of them they can be used for cleaning, and perfect for cleaning toddler spills. 

Burping clothes are such an easy sewing project that even beginning sewers can make them! At the bottom of the post I have a few free sewing classes you might like to try too. 

How to Make Burping Clothes 

Baby Burp

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post for the fabrics I used. If you decide to purchase I will receive a small commission.

I had purchased fabric from the end of the bolt of this pretty cotton fabric that was unisex. 

Baby Burping Rags

I picked this pretty white Terry Cloth for the backing. It isn’t the softest of Terry Cloth I have ever seen but, for the price you are getting absorbent and softness. You can get a higher priced and quality from getting the chenille fabrics for uber soft, and absorbent.

Baby Burping Rags

Later in the post is the woodland theme fabric I purchased to make a baby quilt for my grand baby. No matter what cotton fabric you pick for the top it’s going to be fine. As a mom when your half asleep when feeding and burping the baby how your fabric choices look is the last thing that matters. In the day light though, we like pretty, colorful, quilting cotton fabrics. These are slightly thicker, and make great burp cloth fabric. 

Baby Burping Rags_2_Theresa Huse 2014

Honestly I couldn’t resist this cute baby sewing pattern. For my next projects. You don’t need a pattern to create burping cloths though. Here’s how to make them. Make sure to pre wash any fabrics that can shrink. Wash the fabrics by themselves with a gentle non scented baby detergent. Dry in the dryer with no fabric sheets. Then you are ready to cut them. 

How to sew burping cloths 

  1. Cut out (pre washed fabrics)  one each of the cotton and the terry cloth or chenille ( 1 each size 9.5 x 12.5) NOTE: Can be a similar size in a rectangle shape for the cloth dimensions of each fabrics.
  2. Then pair up by putting the cotton with the Terry Cloth right sides together (right sides together means the pretty sides facing each-other) 
  3. Pinning around edges here and there leaving an opening in the middle of the  fabric edges, not the corners
  4. Sew all the way around at 5/8 inch leaving the opening for turning your fabrics to the right sides ( 3-4 inches wide).
  5. Trim the corners by cutting diagonal at corners but, not into the sewn area!
  6. Flip inside out to right side, and press!
  7. Watch the video below to see how NOTE: She adds a few extra details at the end for folding. You could just iron your folds and skip folding sew lines. It’s totally up to you. 

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Video how to sew a burp cloth (easy for beginners) 

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Fabrics for sewing burping cloths

Forest Theme Fabrics

Michael Miller Les Amis Les Amis Fox & Trees Peach

  • These were two other fabrics I have my eye on! Just head over to see them and all the deals on pretty fabrics, ribbons, notions!
  • Grey Fox Les Amis Les Amis Grey Trees and foxes
  • Enchanted Little Folks by Riley Blake is so cute with little deer head, fox and porcupines
  •…See The Deal of The Day!

What the most useful baby shower gifts you’ve gifted or received?

Don’t sew yet? No problem why not try this free online basics sewing classes! 

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