Simple #Sewing : Wide Mouth Zipper Pouch / Diaper A Go Go

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Today I thought I would share some of the sewing that I have been working on. I decided to try one of the zipper pouch tutorials that was slightly different from the one I created. I used some fabric I have had for quite some time. I had loved the print & bought it in bulk years ago. If you sew you know how that goes, then after your project it sits in the area you store your fabric. It waits & waits for you to call on it again. I’ve been trying to use up some of my lovely stock. Then as it dwindles I can fabric shop again!

Zipper Bag, Zipper Diaper Bag, To Go Bag,,  Theresa Huse 2013

My second youngest daughter is the one who has started her family. She wanted to have her kids all close together, kind of how I did as a younger mom. Being from a bigger family she has some ideas of what it’s like & learning daily of some of the challenges that comes with it. I wish I was closer to support her when they need help. But, since I can’t be there all the time I can still help in other ways.

zippered bag,, Theresa Huse 2013

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Last time I saw my daughter Krissy she pulled out the zipper pouch I had made her for grabbing & going. A smaller one, just enough for a few little things plus a diaper & small wipes. Now having two in diapers that changes everything!

I put together a zippered diaper pouch from the wide mouth zipper pouch of Anna’s (on the same post is video I shared here on how to install zippers) The only changes I made to the wide mouth tutorial is I didn’t line it with a stiff lining, or second fabric. I used a thinner lining. When it’s empty I wanted her to be able to fold it up & put it easily into her purse. As this is just for grab & go, not a full diaper bag.

Wide Mouth Zipper Pouch,, Theresa Huse 2013

I am happy with the way it turned out, especially since this is the first time I tried Anna’s wide mouth zipper pouch tutorial. I should of stuffed it with something for the photo so it showed better. But hey I didn’t, it’s just leaned against my jar of cutting scissors. I do think next time I will use another fabric for lining. I love how Anna’s looks inside & out.

My tutorial is similar to Anna’s but, might be easier for the newer sewist. It doesn’t have the grab handle at end of zipper though. You can use this step by step for making a pencil case too. I used mine for felt pens. Simple & perfect for back to school! But, you can check them both out & see what works for you depending on your needs & skills.

As a matter of fact stay tuned for a great round up of zipper pouches that I did & will be sharing very soon! That’s how I found Anna’s. I’ll be sharing them all soon! You can subscribe or follow along using  bloglovin or….via side bar. Until next time…

Do you sew? What have you been working on lately? 

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