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Sew Old Sew New

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Dear Creatives, I am excited to be sharing some creative news with you & featuring such a talented, creative sewer & fiber artist Jill Verbick. Jill writes the blog Sew Old Sew New, she also has an Etsy shop called Fiberluscious. Jill ‘s dream is to create and inspire fiber artists and those who love fiber and fabric.

Jill says, ” I have been a fine artist and a crafter most of my life. Day in and day out, I have a needle in one hand and a scissors in the other. I love it. I’m home. There are so many ideas yet to be designed. There are so many fabrics yet to cut. I am loving every minute of this phase in my artistic life. I hope that joy is evident in my work.”

Now, I’d like to share a sampling of Jill’ s fiber creations & artwork. ( tomorrow right here on DearCreatives.com starts a giveaway of one of her creations! )

Tussie Mussie Gift Cone


Fabric Necklace



Pin cushion ring

Jill has all kinds of wonderful items in her shop including aprons, clutches, brooches & seasonal items.


The Good news is if you are inspired by what Jill creates she is sharing this Queen of Creativity Tiara & the techniques used in creating it! Jill is teaching this in a  online workshop,  the Stitched Workshop! & The teachers don’t stop with Jill. Take a look……

Jill Verbick

Queen of Creativity Tiara

The Queen of Creativity Back
The Queen of Creativity Tiara side

This is an example of a new online tutorial / class she is teaching. She is one of the 2o teachers

Teaching various stitched projects. The Stitched online class is being held via Alma Stollers blog.

These are the many teachers sharing their work :

Mollie Johanson
Annie Hutchings
Sara Lawson
Jennifer Ofenstein
Deborah Boschert
Karen Ruane
Kelli Nina Perkins
Vanessa Wilson
Joanna Martinez
Wendi Gratz
Penney Klaproth
Jackie Bowcutt
Ann Tucker
Tammy Gilley
Tracie Lampe
Paula Joerling
Nikki Wheeler
Cindy Caraway
Dale Anne Potter
Jill Verbick O’Leary

What a line up! Here is the link for the online class & to get more information about Stitched! This e class is $89. for all the artist’s tutorials & starts Jan1, 2012 and is open until June 2012. STITCHED is a collection of 20 online video workshops by 20 talented fabric artists. Each workshop provides you with high value and high content information to get you sewing, designing and creating 20 unique fabric art and sewing projects.

Stitch Creative Workshop

Talk about creativity being served! That’s about $4.45 per tutorial if you break it down! What a creative value.

Be sure & come back tomorrow to enter the giveaway & see what Jill is giving away!

Another holiday treat Jill has offered is the coupon code for anyone to use for 15% off any purchase using the coupon code FiberSanta15.

Discount runs until Dec 25th at her Etsy Shop Fiberluscious

Do you enjoy taking online workshops?

Do you sew?

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