Diy: Easy Sewing How to for Zipper Installation & Zipper Pouch Boxes

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So your not sold on sewing in a zipper. I did a round up of a few other more detailed ways to add a zipper to your sewing & crafts projects I hope this helps you when you make your own zipper pouch or zippered project. After viewing the video below or the linked video’s you should be well on your way to checking off zipper installation from your learning to do list.

open zipper pouch

Open Wide Mouth Zipper Pouch Tutorial 

This project by  Anna  at  Noodle is very similar to the one I shared with you the other day, although her technique is a little different I love the results & might have to try to make one like Anna’s. Anna’s project has a very detailed image how to that should help any novice give it a try. But, also sometimes it’s good to watch a few different videos & these two below are very straight forward.

This is one of the best zipper tutorials I have found so far. Easy to follow instructions on the video, but if you are only looking for the zipper installation go about 4 minutes into the video, other wise have fun watching The Crafty Gemini’s Zipper Box Pouch Tutorial -How to install a zipper.

& here is another good basic zipper tutorial for craft projects how to sew an exposed zipper video tutorial  Hands down these are the best three that I have found. If you know of any others be sure to leave a comment & link to them.

I am by far an expert at installation but, I think I can say I’m getting better. I think any of the zipper tutorials is very adaptable for use with my diy zipper pouch. (how to & fabric design diy) Have you completed any sewing projects this summer? or other projects? If so feel free to link them up right here.

Have you mastered zipper installation or are you just beginning?

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    1. Hi Tara. It isn’t as hard as you think. Practice on some test fabric or projects first, zippers are pretty cheap. Sometimes I think it’s harder to figure out how to change the foot on some of the machines, lol. I just saw Craftsy has some free classes all about sewing machine basics, I think they have one for changing feet. Your sewing manual is always helpful too. Some have lots of info. for basics. Hope you try sometime!

    1. Hi Vicki, I hope you get a chance to sew again & get to use the tutorials. Please share when you make a project I would love to see it!

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