Easy Sewing for Baby: Receiving Blankets Booties & Bootie Inserts

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Some of the easiest handmade baby gifts which can be sewn up quite quickly are baby receiving blankets and burping cloths. You might even like to sew up some baby booties! I have been sharing projects that I have been working on for my oldest daughter’s baby due in May. Along with the projects I am sharing the patterns, books and fabrics I am using. Hopefully when it comes time for you to think about making for your baby or making handmade baby shower gifts these diy sewing projects and resources will help you.

For receiving blankets you only need two pieces of fabric or you can make them out of a single piece of flannel for one layered blankets. Typically they are about 30″ x 30″ but, they can vary on size.

Handmade_Baby Booties and Receiving Blanket_

Simple to make: Take both fabrics and put them right sides together. Pin as needed. Sew from center of one of the sides and continue around all sides leaving a two inch gap between start and finish. You need this to be able to pull the top side out and then finish the blanket. Do just that after sewing then press and sew by hand the two inch turn section. At the end of the post I am linking to some helpful tutorials in case you have never sewn any baby blankets or have done only a few projects. I may make my own tutorial with images later, but until then I wanted to point you in the right direction.

Baby Receiving Blanket_

I made this receiving blanket to match the booties. I had just about the right size fabric left over. I used a white flannel for the second layer. Receiving blankets are typically a nice thin layer of flannel or two. I picked cotton for top/outer layer as the baby is due in May.These are great beginning sewer projects as it’s all straight stitching.

You can see how these booties were made and the pattern/book I used. Moon Booties Post.

Baby Booties_ Baby Bootie Inserts_

 Click to enlarge 

The inserts didn’t come in the pattern. Here is how to make a pair:

Trace the bottom of the booties shape and then cut out a piece of cotton plus a piece of terry cloth for each shoe (4 pieces). Do this step for each insert: With right sides together sew around oval shape leaving a 2 inch space for turning. Turn the sewn side to the inside pulling out the right sides then sew them together by hand to finish them off. Hope that makes sense they are super easy to make. Insert into shoe.

What I liked about making the insert is it leaves a clean finished look to the bootie. As the child grows you can pull them out to extend the size of the shoe. Win, win.

Additionally there are swaddle blankets which are similar to receiving blankets but, you wrap baby slightly differently like wrapping a burrito. Those blankets are slightly larger in dimensions for the wrapping.

Now for some tutorials to help you with your receiving blankets and swaddle blankets;

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What kinds of projects are you working on?

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