Kid’s Halloween Costume Ideas – 25+Costumes!

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Kid’s Halloween Costume Ideas – Get a jump on the best Halloween costumes for kids! Before you know it summer will end. And back to school will be here. Next, we will be thinking about all things Halloween!

Let’s get a jump on costume ideas! I like having a trunk of costumes for the kids to dress up in. Costumes are great for playing indoors on hot summer days or rainy days. And to dress up as on Halloween! Right now, I spotted Halloween costumes for girls and Halloween costumes for boys that are super cute! Bonus, a bunch are on sale.

Kid’s Halloween Costumes

Kid's Halloween Costume Ideas - 25+ Halloween costumes to buy or DIY. See all the costume ideas for kids, teens, and adults at

Halloween costume ideas for girls and Halloween costume ideas for boys. You might remember from previous years some of the costumes we have shared. Check out the bottom of this post for even more ideas!

What to dress up in for Halloween, DIY costume ideas, and ideas on what to wear this Halloween! We have costume ideas for kids, adults, and teens! Plus, easy characters to dress up as.

What Are Good Halloween Costumes For Kids?

Kid’s Halloween Costume Ideas

25+ Halloween costumes for kids to buy or DIY. Perfect for summer fun or planning Halloween costumes! See all the costume ideas for kids, teens, and adults at

Halloween Costumes For Kids (girls and boys)

  1. This cute witch costume (girl witch). Or get Witch Witch Costumes inspired by the movie Hocus Pocus. Or purchase this Hocus Pocus witch costume.
  2. What girl wouldn’t like to dress up as a princess? The princess dress is perfect for any princess-loving girl (Elsa, chilly princess)! They are comfortable to wear any day to dress up as your favorite princess or on any occasion. Or grab this trunk of princess costumes for pretend play…
  3. Or these Princess Character Dress-up Bundles that include a princess dress, princess doll dress, and ears!
  4. All summer my grandkids watched Encanto. Dress up as Mirabel from Encanto costume or one of the other characters.
  5. This adorable kids’ safari hat and vest set are perfect for playing dress-up in or for Halloween! They are great for boys and girls. This explorer dress-up set (is so cute for girls).
  6. Girls Hawaiian Dancer Skirt With Flowers and Lei… perfect for a summer party, dress-up, or, Halloween costume idea.
  7. I love easy! Last year, my granddaughter had a Unicorn Leotard with Tutu. We grabbed a kid’s unicorn headband like this and tights. She plays dress-up in it!
  8. Toy Story Costumes are always a hit. And this year the buzz is on Buzz Lightyear’s costume like this.
  9. Pirates never go out of style! Especially, when it comes to kids’ costumes. This is a cute 6-piece Pirate Kids Costume.
  10. My grandsons love Star Wars! His pick is this Mandalorian Star Wars Kids Costume.
  11. This is a cute toddler or (3 years and up costume) siblings costume Cookies and Milk.
  12. Adorable flight attendant stewardess costume.
  13. Dr. Costume/Nurse Costume.
  14. Artist Costume With Accessories.
  15. Wonder Woman Dress-Up Costume.
  16. Restaurant Server Role Play Costume for boys and girls.
  17. Marvel Avengers Characters like a Thor Costume.
  18. Grab a kids’ velvet cape (available in so many colors)
  19. Use the cloak to make a character costume. Witch, villain… suitable for girls and boys.
  20. Maverick Flight Costumes is inspired by the movie Top Gun. The best costume for your want-to-be Top Gun pilot (s).
  21. Ghost Busters Halloween Costume with Proton Pack. We never tire of ghost-busters characters!
  22. Pokemon Pikachu Costume for Girls.
  23. Or grab this official Pokemon Pikachu costume for kids.
  24. DIY your own Spider-Man superhero with this cape and mask…set.
  25. Grab this adorable scarecrow costume for a girl.
  26. Or this spooktacular scarecrow costume for a boy.

What are your favorite Kid’s Halloween Costume Ideas?

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Find even more Halloween costume ideas

Are you looking for summer fun for the kids? Or ideas for indoor play when it’s hot or rainy? Or pre-planning or planning for Halloween. This post is sure to help you!

Need more Halloween Costume Ideas?

I hope this helps you get a jump on having fun this Halloween! Or find those last-minute costumes too. What kid doesn’t love helping plan what costumes to wear on Halloween?!

  1. No-Sew Coraline Costume DIY  and Coraline Makeup
  2. Wirt Costume DIY- (sew and no-sew DIYs)
  3. Make a mime costume is an easy-to-make, budget-friendly costume for Halloween. A costume for a mime can even be a last-minute Halloween Costume.
  4. Last-Minute Halloween Costumes you can put together with clothes from your closet. 
  5. Little House on the Prairie Costume Part 1 & Tips
  6. Little House on The Prairie Costume Part 2 & Sewing Tips for Patterns 
  7. Anne of Green Gables Costume – Sewing patterns for making your own Anne of Green Gables Costume (girls, teens, women patterns
  8. Evil Queen Costume Part 1  *
  9. Evil Queen Costume Part 2
  10. Wands to the ready! Harry Potter Costume Ideas  
  11. This is a super easy costume to make. DIY or grab a robber costume/cat robber costume
  12. Scooby Doo Costumes for Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, Fred… Great for last-minute costumes, or Cosplay! 

See all our Halloween ideas and costumes… Shop our list of Halloween Costume Ideas

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