Pioneer Dress DIY- Little House on the Prairie Costume Part 2

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Today is part 2 of the Little House on the Prairie Costume which is one of our Halloween ideas.

We love sewing and making costumes. Do you? If you missed yesterday’s post you can view PART 1 of the Prairie Dress DIY here.  I explain ways I altered the construction of the pattern and tips for the changes which will help you if you use this Little House on the Prairie pattern or another prairie dress pattern.

Prairie Dress 

To keep to the vintage feel of the Little House on the Prairie Costume I we searched for calico prints. This is a type of print that is a small floral print and usually in a tri color combination. We fell in love with the colors of this fabric. When I got it in the mail I fell in love even more! It’s a nice thickness and easy to sew!!

Little House on the Prairie Costume_ _

Sewing alterations I made to pattern: I didn’t do the pleating at the bottom of the skirt on the dress as shown on the pattern. It’s decorative, looks pretty but, wasn’t necessary. So I decided to skip it. For the apron it’s really easy to make it’s all straight stitching. Or you can just buy the bonnet and apron for the dress you sew. Or add it to a peasant dress or top with skirt

Back of the little house on the prairie dress_

I also decided to use an eyelet fabric for the apron and part of the bonnet. This was a little thin but, worked fine for this pattern. If I was to use eyelet for anything other than something like this I’d want a thicker blend of eyelet. But, it’s really pretty and easy to work with.

Top of dress _sewing construction_

For the prairie skirt: I placed the skirt to the top by pinning first, as shown in pattern. There are a lot of gathers to this skirt. It seemed to bulky when placed on top as they had shown. Then I placed the skirt underneath the top with a clean line of the finished top it seemed to look better. I hand sewed this on vs sewing on the machine. But, for the skirt bottom hem. I sewed that on the machine vs hemming.

Bonnet_Prairie Bonnet

How to make a bonnet

For the bonnet I altered the pattern by using two different fabrics and binding tape. It fit Sammie but, was big on my grand daughter at the time. It was a one size fits all, bonnet. I ended up pinning the bonnet in the back for Audrey so it fit her perfectly. Worried if you can make a bonnet?

Other sewing tips that may help for this Little House on the Prairie Pattern or other Prairie patterns

  • You could watch a You Tube video about how to make button holes too, along with reading your manual if needed. (scroll down this post for suggested videos and tips)
  • Be sure when using patterns to check sizes vs measurements on pattern.
  • Read entire pattern through
  • I mark with highlighter on the pattern paper; which cutting layouts / directions for each item I’m making (this helps to keep you from accidently reading /sewing the wrong thing!)
  • Make sure to write down amounts of fabric needed for each thing your making
  • Make sure to write down all notions needed (threads, ribbons, lace, buttons…)
  • Take out all your pattern pieces and separate for each thing your making (dress, hat, apron)
  • Put other pattern pieces away that your not going to use
  • Order or pick up fabric and notions
  • Your ready to begin!

I drove up to deliver the costume to Audrey making sure it fit her and it was perfect. I couldn’t of worked it out better if she had been here. I did have her measurements though which was a big help for fitting without her here. I was able to go with them to her school harvest fair and Halloween celebration. They had a dj in the gym and that girl held her prairie skirt up and kicked up her heels in her boots! I was so happy to see her loving her Laura Ingalls Wilder costume! I’ve never seen a bigger smile from her as when I delivered it! I had one happy 6 year old grand daughter!

  • The pattern listed below comes in several sizes. We used size 7-14 girls. Use the prairie dress pattern for pioneer days, old fashioned days or Halloween. 
  • Did you read the Little House on the Prairie series of books?  

Pattern, Fabrics and Notions List

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Online Sewing Class

What types of Costumes have you made before?

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