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Grocery Shopping List Printables + Meal Planners

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Grocery Shopping List This Printable Grocery List available in two styles. One with days of the week for meal planning. And one with two shopping lists – print one and cut it in half to use. It makes the perfect size shopping list to take to the store with you when shopping.

Are you looking for printable shopping lists? With the prices of everything going up there are easy ways to save money when buying groceries and other things. Use a grocery app. or grocery flyer to see what is on sale. Make a meal plan and use a shopping list for groceries. This way you are buying only what you need.

Grocery Shopping Lists

Grocery Shopping List - Printable Grocery Shopping Lists - Plus, meal planner - Print these and grab even more styles of shopping lists. DearCreatives.com

This printable grocery shopping list has room to write down what you need to get from the grocery store and is easy to bring with you to the store. There is a checkbox to mark off what you are purchasing.

One of the printables comes with the days of the week for meal planning. The other is a shopping list you can print and cut into two. Both include lines to write on and checkboxes.

Printable Meal Plan With Grocery Shopping List

Printable Grocery List - Shopping List Grocery - Find these and more Free Printables - DearCreatives.com
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PDF Files

This free printable comes with the days of the week and boxes on one side and a grocery shopping list on the other side. You can cut the page in half (if you like) to take only the shopping list side to the store.

Ways To Save Money Grocery Shopping

  1. Preview what is on sale at the grocery store in an ad, weekly grocery ad, or grocery store app.
  2. Take stock of what items you already have in your pantry and refrigerator.
    Get our pantry checklist.
  3. Make a meal plan.
  4. Be flexible with the items you need.
    I had a recipe that called for corn. It was $6. for fresh corn on the cob in a package. We paid $1.99 for frozen corn on the cob. For my recipe, I cooked it and cut it off the cob, saving $4.
  5. Look for in-store specials when shopping. Make adjustments to your list.
    We found meatless patties on sale when we had ground meatless meat on our list. The patties were cheaper and gave us more per pound. We just crumbled it up with a spoon when we were cooking.
  6. Shop With a Grocery List!

Shopping List

Printable shopping List - Use this shopping list for groceries or for shopping for other things. Grab this free printable shopping list and more at DearCreatives.com
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These files are for personal use only!

New Here?

Meal Planner Templates

I’ve designed several meal planners and shopping lists. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Do you need to meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I have meal planners for that too. You can get this Printable Grocery List and Meal Planner.
  2. Sign up and get the free Printable Recipe Binder with Meal Planners (over 14 printable pages) and everything you need to manage your kitchen and meal planning.
  3. Enjoy this style printable grocery list template too.
  4. Meals For The Week – Printable Weekly Meal Planner grab this printable.
  5. Free printables While you are here grab our pantry checklist, kitchen conversion charts, kitchen cleaning checklists, and more!
  6. Shop our printables on gumroad.

For busy moms who love to plan ahead get this Meal Planner and Recipe Organization Planner. I have one and love it!

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