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Evil Queen Costume Sewn With McCalls Costume Pattern Part 1

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Evil Queen Costume – This costume was sewn with a McCalls Pattern. What made us think of making this costume was the pattern, the fabric we spotted, and the shows we had been watching. One of my favorite shows is The Good Wife on Sunday nights. Sammie and I used to watch Once Upon A Time together before The Good Wife but, lately, she is more into chatting on the phone all the time! (teen life)

Sammie was looking at costumes for Halloween way before fall but, ended up with the inspiration for the costume from spotting a McCall’s sewing pattern that looked like the Evil Queen from the show Once Upon A Time. The search ended and the planning and sewing of the Evil Queen costume began.

Previously I have shared many of her Halloween costumes. Also my sewing or makeup tutorials for them. You can find more ideas if you aren’t a sewer with my Halloween Ideas! and a list of costume ideas. Today I’m sharing how the pattern we used went for sewing the Evil Queen costume for Halloween. I’ll give you some insights into sewing this pattern in case it’s something you’d like to whip up for Halloween for yourself as an adult or a teen costume. There is still plenty of time to make it. 

Evil Queen Costume 

I think her choice was good as the makeup won’t be too complicated and take too long. She loves drama and the character of the Evil Queen played by Lana Parrilla has all the qualities of a great Halloween costume. Not too scary, a dramatic costume, hair, and makeup needing to be done (not scary) equal the perfect Halloween costume for this year.

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Evil Queen Sewing Pattern

The sewing pattern we used was McCalls Costumes M6818

This sewing pattern can be used for evil villains such as an evil queen, a lady vampire, or an evil witch…

Evil Queen Costume sewing pattern and Material

For this costume, it takes quite a bit of material. We really looked well through the fabrics, including fabrics near the decor areas. Checking what was on sale, looking through clearance. For Sammie’s size, it took 5 yards just for the coat. On The pattern, there was the cape 7-3/4 yard and it called for the fabric to be lined! No thanks! We looked for fabric that seemed to be a good fit for the project and thick enough that might not need lining. I’d just hem and tuck edging for a finished look.

McCalls Costume Sewing Pattern, sewing scissors, notions and fabric_

We just happened across this fabric and it was on sale. One side was similar to the damask fabric on the sewing pattern shown and on the other side a black color. It had enough to have weight and did not need lining. I decided to get black cotton for contrasting areas on the collar and cuffs.

I don’t have step by step in images but, I’ll give you an idea of how I tackled the costume sewing pattern.

  1. Make sure to have enough materials and notions
  2. If your fabric isn’t the same width as on the pattern you’ll need to purchase extra
  3. Read through the entire Evil Queen Sewing Pattern
  4. Highlight the areas you work on. This way there is no confusion when looking back and forth from pattern to project
  5. Pull out all the pieces you need. Give them a rough cut (You can detail cut the pattern when it’s pinned to the material)
  6. Pin the pattern pieces to the materials
  7. Cut them out after making sure the layout is correct and fits all the pattern pieces.
  8. Pin together and fit top and sleeves prior to sewing
  9. Sew and then pin the (bottom) skirt/cape bottom for placement prior to sewing

Front of Costume From the Evil Queen Sewing Pattern

When I sewed the top I made sure to pin the sleeves and bodice prior to full sewing. This way I could adjust the sizing as needed. I knew I’d be doing this as I took Sammie’s measurements and she is two different sizes for a proper fit! We had gotten the size 4-12 but, I almost could have put her in a 14 top. I had to add back panels to each side of the back bodice (since she has a wide shoulder and back). I used the pieces of the pattern for that but, cut off the connection to the underarm making two straight rectangle shapes to add to the back.

Once pinned I carefully had her try it on and adjusted it as needed. Then sewed the top and adjusted the shoulders area with pins and will detail sew the adjustments by hand.

Evil Queen Costume from the sewing pattern

See part two of the post! And the full back side of the costume! With more detailed photos. I don’t want you to miss out. This costume sewing pattern is quite stunning in person! I can’t wait to take photos of Sammie in it too!!

Are you sewing a costume for Halloween this year?

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