Mime Costume – DIY Mime Costume For Halloween or Cosplay!

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Mime Costume – Last year Sammie didn’t know if she would even dress up for Halloween. At the last minute, she decided to be a mime for Halloween. We decided to share our DIY mime costume to help you dress up as one for Halloween or…

Putting together a costume is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, doesn’t have a lot of time, or is looking for a last-minute Halloween costume. Plus, it’s super easy!

Mime Costume

Are you looking for a Halloween costume? A mime costume is an easy Halloween costume. It can even be a last-minute Halloween costume. See what you need to be a mime and make a mime costume. DearCreatives.com
ideas for DIY costume

A mime costume is the perfect homemade costume! You can be a mime with or without full mime makeup.

It’s easy to buy a costume or get the accessories to dress up for Halloween (or cosplay).

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Mime Costume - Last-Minute Halloween costume - grab tips and ideas for this easy costume idea and more at - DearCreatives.com

What do you need for a mime costume?

Mime Costume DIY

  1. Black Pants, Jeans, Leggings, or Slacks (you probably have a pair in your closet) Or a black skirt. Or black overalls like this or this pair of jumpsuit black overalls.
  2. Striped Shirt (black and white). You might have one in your closet.
  3. Suspenders (we had these suspenders leftover from our Wirt costume)
  4. Black belt (optional)
  5. Black shoes (it can be boots, flats, tennis shoes)
  6. White Gloves
  7. Black Beret
  8. Neck Scarf
  9. Or grab a mime accessories set (Be a mime one year, a French artist another?) like this. Or this mime accessory set shown below.

It’s so easy to DIY a mime costume with an accessory set or Mime kids girl/boy shirt, beret, suspenders, and white gloves set, plus use things you might have in your closet! Black pants or leggings and black shoes or black boots.

There are several ways to make a mime costume. Wear all black, wear white, wear a striped shirt with black pants… You can also look at local thrift shops or Goodwill if they are open for items that will work for making your costume.

If you rather you could always buy a mime costume for Halloween.

And if you don’t have the right clothes in your closet put other the costume, get a mime costume or mime accessories on Amazon. With Prime, you can get what you need so quickly! Mime costumes are great for kids, teens, and adults!

  1. Mime kids costume for (girls) (boys)
  2. Mime kids girl/boy shirt, beret, suspenders set.
  3. Mime women’s costume
  4. You can get a man’s mime costume like this or this mime silent actor costume.

How do you do mime makeup?

  1. You can add or opt not to use white makeup – pancake makeup. This year she kept it simple and didn’t use the white makeup. Our favorite that we have used is this, white makeup. It’s a cream-to-powder foundation and Sammie used it one year when she was Wednesday Adams (which is another easy Halloween costume).
  2. Sammie used a skinny liquid eyeliner or get and use a felt-tipped liquid liner to draw the black mime accents on the face.
  3. You can add Fake eyelashes or black mascara which is also great for accentuating the eyes.
  4. Use red lipstick, brick red lipstick, merlot, plum/red lipstick for the lips.

Easy DIY Mime Costume

Mime costume - What you need for a mime costume. DIY mime costume - Be a mime for Halloween or Cosplay! DearCreatives.com

It is pretty simple to put on makeup to look like a mime. And you’d be surprised how you can pull together a mime costume just from things in your closet if you are on a budget.

The two pieces to the costume are the beret and suspenders, the liquid eyeliner and lipstick for the makeup, and the mime moves. We have linked to more ideas below to help you be a mime for Halloween!

Video tutorials for mime makeup

  1. Easy Mime Makeup For Kids and Adults
  2. Romantic Mime Makeup this one is super cute but, more time-consuming.

How To Act Like A Mime

One of the ways my daughter (with kids) enjoys celebrating Halloween with their kids is by making a Halloween candy hunt (similar to hunting for Easter candy). They have the kids dress up and search for candy in their own homes and backyard.

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Spooky Halloween songs and dancing…

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Are you dressing up in a Halloween costume?

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