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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes can be a challenge. But with these Ideas, you can use them to make a quick costume or easy Halloween costume. Use items you can find in your closet and clothes you already might own. You can complete the costume by getting accessories to make your Halloween characters come to life!

Are you looking for costumes for this Halloween? I know this post will help you! Plus here is where to find even more costumes and Halloween ideas!

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

These costume ideas for Halloween are popular characters that you can easily dress up as. Just see how easy it is to put together a costume.

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes - Ideas for Halloween you can easily make and put together at home. Find these and more costume ideas at DearCreatives.com

These ideas for costumes include Halloween costumes for kids, teens, adults, and couples. You can use the costume ideas for Cosplay too. Have you waited until the last minute? Don’t worry! These costumes are easy to make from items in your closet (regular clothes) and by grabbing a few accessories (and makeup if needed) to complete the costume.

You might remember some of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes.

No-Sew Coraline Costume DIY  and Coraline Makeup.

Wirt Costume DIY- (sew and no-sew DIYs)

mime costume is an easy to make, budget-friendly costume for Halloween. A costume for a mime can even be a last-minute Halloween Costume. 

This is a super easy burglar costume to make. We have resources for a few DIYs when you go to put together your cat robber costume – burglar costume.

Scooby Doo Costumes for Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, Fred… Great for last-minute costumes, or Cosplay! 

You can see all our Halloween costumes via the link above for Halloween ideas, which includes everything you need for making your Halloween fun and festive.

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Last-Minute Ideas For Halloween Costumes - DearCreatives.com

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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Audrey Hepburn – Get a black dress, cateye sunglasses, long black gloves and a necklace… Put your hair up in a french bun. (Audrey Hepburn Costume) There are several ways to dress up as Audrey or Holly Golightly.
  2. Alice In Wonderland – Use a sleeveless dress like this or an old prom dress, add jewlery, arm warmers like this, Alice and wonderland knee socks (perfect if you wear a short dress) and a drink me necklace. Add a big bow or flower crown on your head. (Alice and Wonderland Costume)
  3. Cruela – Use a black dress or black and white dress, gloves, a mask and a black and white wig. (Cruela Accessories Set) (Cruela Costume)
  4. Clueless – A tartan skirt and a white top, knee high socks and patent leather shoes like this. (Clueless Costume)
  5. Wednesday Adams – A black dress or a black dress with a white Peter Pan collar like this, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes. Braid your hair or wear a wig like this. (Wednesday Adams Costume)
  6. Sonny and Cher – couples costume – A suit for Sonny plus a wig, chain and mustache like this, and a long dress with a long hair wig for Cher or bell bottoms, flared pants… plus headband. Or use hippie clothes (vests, anything with fringe, tie dye clothes… with the wigs to make the costume. (Sonny Costume, Cher Costume)
  7. Where’s Waldo – A red and white striped shirt, black jeans (or dark blue jeans) an black shoes or tennis shoes. Top that with a red beanie or red and white beanie plus the nerd glasses – round black framed glasses. (Where’s Waldo Costume)
  8. A Witch – Black dress or long or short tutu, striped tights, a witch hat and a wand or broom. Plus optional purple wig. (Witch Costume)
  9. Winnie The Pooh – A red shirt, yellow/gold sweatpants or black leggings and Winnie The Pooh Ears Headband. (Winnie The Pooh Costume) Find Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore headbands and tails to make costumes for those Pooh characters too. Just add tee shirts and leggings.
  10. Schitt’s Creek Characters – David Rose – a lightening bolt sweatshirt and black baggie pants, Stevie – a shacket, oversized flannel, oversized tee shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, Moira- a crazy wig, crow, black dress, Alexis Rose – a Velvet Shift Dress or other stylish dress with heels… Which character are you?
  11. Milk And Cookie – couples costume – For the milk (or milkman) white pants and shirt, and a white cap, For the cookie a brown or light brown dress, tee shirt and leggings. Add chocolate chips by using felt, or drawing them on with a fabric marking pen. (Milk and Cookies Costume)
  12. Men In Black – Get black suit and white button down shirt with black tie. Men In Black novelty badge and black sunglasses.
  13. Marilyn MonroeWhite dress, white pumps, blonde wig or like this blonde sexy wig, and red lipstick.
  14. Zoolander – There are a lot of ways to dress up as Zoolander (find insp. on Pinterest). Get headband, silky shirt and pants. (Zoolander Costume)
  15. Risky Buisness – Use an over sized white button down shirt, white socks and sunglasses.
Aneco Halloween Red White Knit Beanie with Pompoms Nerd Costumes

Looking for more Halloween costumes to make or where to buy them?

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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes - Are you looking for ways to come up with costume ideas with clothes from your closet Try these easy ideas and the accessories that make the costume pop! See all the ideas for Halloween at DearCreatives.com

From our house to yours have a happy and safe Halloween!

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